May 29, 2005

Iraq Stock Exchange

Over at FOXNews Online, there’s a link from the home page to a video report on the Iraq Stock Exchange(ISX). To summarize the report,

The exchange has been open for eleven months, and in that time their sales volume has fully tripled. There are more than 100 companies currently listed.

In the first seven months, fourteen billion shares were traded and the increase since has been “exponential”. The thing that really makes this newsworthy is that the ISX is only open five hours a week, yet Iraqi citizens are turning out in droves to invest in their country’s future.

To date, they have been employing a marker and wallboard system, like Nevada race and sports books did before they went electronic, to keep track of trades, but a modern high tech exchange is being built and will soon be ready for the ISX to relocate there.

Watch the video. You’ll be on Fox’s home page, go to the right sidebar and click on Business, then on Iraq Stock Exchange.

Thank God for FOX News,  they’re one of very few media outlets without a tenacious liberal agenda, rather an eye toward the conservative point of view, without whom we would never read any news that might hint that something positive actually happened as a result of something George W. Bush set in motion.

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