November 27, 2006

This Is Too Funny

And here we have a sterling, totally blatant example of liberal hypocrisy in its finest hour, courtesy of none other than John Edwards, our former Vice Presidential candidate.

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8 Responses to “This Is Too Funny”

  1. wordsmith Says:


    John Edwards epitomizes the liberal do-gooder. I wonder if this ambulance chaser ever thought to give back the $60 million or however much he was awarded for what has since been proven to be bogus junk science claims:

    Just as Senator Kerry’s long-ago military tour of duty in Vietnam is exploited politically today, so Senator Edwards’ working class origins are being similarly exploited. But John Edwards has long since grown rich as a lawyer suing for millions of dollars in medical malpractice lawsuits.
    Edwards’ specialty was suing when babies were born with brain defects, which he — like other lawyers cashing in on junk science and gullible juries — blamed on the failure of doctors to have had those babies delivered by Caesarian section.
    Since then, Caesarian operations have increased greatly, but without reducing those birth defects that Edwards and others had blamed on a lack of Caesarian deliveries. Studies validated by leading medical authorities, here and overseas, have found no such link between birth defects and a lack of Caesarian births.
    Meanwhile, lawyers like John Edwards could laugh all the way to the bank.
    Like so many liberals who talk about “bringing down the cost of health care,” John Edwards has in fact been driving up the cost of medical treatment. “Defensive medicine,” such as unnecessary Caesarian operations, is not cheap. Defensive medicine protects doctors from slick lawyers far more than it protects patients.
    Senator Edwards has already shown the same blithe disregard for facts as a politician that he showed as a lawyer. He has used the old liberal claim of “hunger in America” during this year’s primary campaign, even though studies show no such thing — and in fact show obesity to be more common in the lower income brackets.
    “Hunger in America” claims were once big stuff in the media but hard facts have long since shot down this contrived alarm. John Edwards must know that “hunger in America” claims are bunk, but he obviously doesn’t care.

    I love it when rich democratic fat cats want to spend our money while hoarding their own. If they want to give more to the government to spend, what’s stopping them from giving more? Why would John Kerry not check off on his tax return, a box that would have him pay more in taxes, rather than save more in taxable income?

  2. atheling2 Says:

    Unbelievable. What a moron that man is. And he wanted to be vice president??? He can’t even bother to get the facts straight.

    I don’t think Barnes and Noble has employee benefits either, whereas Walmart does.

    John Edwards is another liberal idiot suffering from the same madness and blindness they all do. I really think liberalism is the ideological version of syphilis.

  3. Shoprat Says:

    The money paid to Walmart employees would be more than adequate, in the minds of Edwards and his ilk, if union dues were taken out of it every month.

  4. ABF Says:

    I think Shoprat nailed it. If he was able to scam and propagate a socialist view that he could skim cash off of, he wouldn’t say a word.

  5. civil truth Says:

    Maybe John should donate his book proceeds to bring the B&N employee wages up to an acceptable level. Even better, an emissions tax on his pronouncements would make them the best paid workers in the state.

  6. Seth Says:

    Wow, great responses to this post!

    Wordsmith —

    I recall reading that column by Sowell. Edwards is all about making money, and anything he ventures in the way of politics or dedication to the Law is bogus — but then, he is a liberal, and we know how far we can trust liberal sincerity, LOL.

    Atheling2 –

    I think liberal politicians have succumbed to their spoiling by the MSM. They believe they can say whatever they please, no matter how badly they insult the intelligence of the American public, and get away with it — they believe the liberal media will spin any and all of their idiocy, hypocrisy and general moronicisms into digestable provender for us “dumb, gullible” voters.

    Shoprat –

    Spot on! The unions are major players in the financing of Democrat campaigns, so the Dems are compelled to “sing for their supper”, and the truth be damned.

    AB –

    You got it! Being an avid reader over at your place, I know that you folks up there have an even worse and more politically potent infestation of liberals than we do, so you understand the problem perfectly.

    If only there was some kind of spray, in a can, we could use to de-bug our governments of this pestilence, LOL.

    Civil Truth –


    I love {figure of speech :-)} the way Edwards and the rest of his profoundly nonproactive ilk are always so willing to send the bills for their ultimately meaningless, counterproductive agendas to the rest of us while clinging to their own equities with both hands.

  7. Gayle Says:

    Hi, Seth. Great post!

    I know people in this part of the country who are ecstatic to get hired-on at Wal Mart. The Wal Mart I frequent also hires a lot of people who other companies would consider “unemployable” because of speach and physical defects. What Edwards did here absolutely SHOUTS the hypocricy of the left!

  8. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    It does, doesn’t it? And in the process demonstrates their contempt for the voting public by being so obvious about it as to insult our intelligence.