November 19, 2006

Murderous Exasperation

I was perusing the comment section at another blog yesterday and read a liberal’s comment that made me thankful he and I were not in the same room — had we been, I probably would have strangled the son of a bitch out of sheer frustration. My own comment, in reply to his, was as restrained as possible, I believe it remained within, though pushing the envelope, the boundaries of respect due the owners of that most excellent site.

I mean, these people (not the owners of said most excellent site, but liberals) are such — such varmints!


They claim to be champions of human rights, for example. Here in America, human rights are honored more than they are anyplace else on earth. Freedom of speech? C’mon. Here, you can shout obscene jokes about the President from the rooftops if you feel like it.

In the Soviet Union, you’d have been hauled off to the Lubyanka, or perhaps Lefortovo Prison, in a heart beat, and not seen again for quite some time, if at all.

If they needed information they thought you might possess, there was none of this patty cakes BS like water boarding or playing loud music at you, they were somewhat more practical — maybe running some electricity through your genitals, or shooting you up with interesting chemicals like lysergic acid mixed with amatol that might get you to babbling, but might also scramble your brains permanently. Then again, permanently might have only meant a couple of hours, anyway.

So what did American liberals do? They extolled the virtues of communism in all its grand superiority over capitalism, even as they enjoyed instant gratification at the local mall while Soviet citizens were standing in bitter cold, in four and five hour lines, to buy a potato.

North Vietnam, an oppressive communist regime, invades the south, and our country defends the South Vietnamese against the north and its VietCong terrorist apparat. Liberals at home fight tooth and nail against the conflict. They influence politicians, who influence the war effort itself, prolonging it by several years. They eventually succeed in getting our troops pulled out. They rejoice. Ho Chi Minh’s communists sweep into South Vietnam and butcher hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then they enslave the country under said oppressive government.

Meanwhile, here in America, the liberals are celebrating their “victory”. They could care less about the fates of those poor souls thousands of miles away, human beings they’ve helped murder as surely as if they’d been there, splattering brains across the ground.

In the 1990s, there was brutal conflict in the Balkans. Muslims were slaughtering Christian Serbs, and Milosevic’s people were killing Muslims.

The EU, led by Germany, exploited the violence in order to get a foot in the door for influence in the Balkans. They altered intelligence reports and manipulated the media to paint a gruesome picture of Muslims being victimized via
“ethnic cleansing” by Milosevic’s people. Peaceful, nonviolent Muslims, victimized!

Then-boss liberal Bill Clinton bought into it and got us into it, and we helped eliminate a lot of obstacles al-Qaeda and fellow travellers faced in the day-to-day ethnic cleansing operations they were engaged in over there.

Milosevic was arrested and tried for his “crimes” — and died in custody five years later without ever being convicted of anything.

Muslims in the Balkans continue murdering Christian Serbs to this day.

Onward to Iraq, and to the global war we are waging to defend ourselves against the abolition of liberty under Islamic rule.

There we are again — which side are liberals on?

The other side, of course, as usual!

America’s enemies, any enemies, have never had a better friend than a liberal.

You want some liberal friends? Just declare war on the United States and they’ll be coming out in droves to shake your hand or, if requested, stick their noses wherever you wish.


Certainly not on our side, ever, yet when you state this obvious truth, they will actually argue the opposite, as often as not with that smug smirk that brings out the strangler in many of us….

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25 Responses to “Murderous Exasperation”

  1. Michael Says:

    Just thought this quote from a book I read years ago fit.
    “You can always judge another man’s intelligence by how much they agree with you”–WEB Griffin

    Liberals are lazy and want to feel good about their world. Truth doesn’t matter to them.

  2. Seth Says:

    Michael –

    They’re so much like the communists they’ve always so admired that for them, lefty propaganda and the truth are one and the same, so lying for a liberal is no big deal, even when the lie is baldly obvious. It’s their lie and they’re sticking with it.

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    Hopefully, sublimation by writing will keep you from becoming a nefarious political strangler.
    “but liberals) are such — such varmints!” made
    me think of Ol Festus in Gunsmoke. “The onliest
    thing I know, Matt, is them thar libs is the dad gumbest knobby-kneed ringtailed fleabit VARMINTS!”

  4. atheling2 Says:

    LOL, BB, your age is showing!


    I see this as the greatest obstacle in fighting WWIII - the fifth column back home. What’s worse is that they are coming out in droves from our corrupt and self loathing universities like the Borg in Start Trek NG.

    We have two internal enemies: the media and the educational system. Problem is, how do you fight them?

  5. Seth Says:

    BB –

    I liked Festus, LOL!

    I once knew someone exactly like him, except he wasn’t the strangling kind, he was more the compound bow with homemade arrowheads type — he used industrial razor blades to make his points, heh.

    This was a guy who cured blood blisters under a fingernail by manually screwing in a drill bit, and lived in the back room of a pool hall where he was the one man maintenance dept.

  6. Seth Says:

    atheling2 –

    Unfortunately, there are too durned many critters in both those unfine, downstanding institutions to strangle.

    I have the feeling that they’re going to bring us all sorts of misery this time out, and that the only “recourses” are going to be supremely impotent, nonproductive and utterly time-wasting recriminations.

    Perhaps, if history somehow survives without too much revisionism (yeah, right!), somewhere down the line society will realize how dangerous liberalism is to civilization as a whole.

    On the bright side, there has been a resurgence of conservatism at some universities, although the leftists still seem to outnumber the right thinkers by overwhelming margin.

    Brainstorm! What if we just strangle the liberal professors!?

  7. atheling2 Says:

    We ought to send them packing to those communist countries they admire so much!

  8. Shoprat Says:

    They have such political and intellectual tunnel vision that anything that does not fit into their class struggle does not exist. They see the Jihad as part of the class struggle because their world view requires it, hence the Jihadists must be misunderstood good guys. They are the flat-earthers of today.

  9. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    I’m all for that — the libs, thinking they are so effin’ elite, believe they know what’s best for the rest of us, whether we want any part of it or not. Rather than let them drag us all down into their Utopian doomsday fantasies, it would be so much better if they just went themselves.

    They can drop us a line and tell us how much they’re enjoying it — of course, they’d have to say they are enjoying it, or they might be made to disappear forever. :-)

  10. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    Very well put!

    And ditto for their solidarity with communism. Almost without exception, all those Americans who belong to the Communist Party come from the ranks of liberals.

    In the late 60s and early 70s, all those who stood there chanting “Ho-Ho-Ho-Chi-Minh!” were liberals.

  11. Gayle Says:

    Liberals have somehow convinced themselves they are the “compassionate ones”, while in actuallity they have no compassion whatsoever. That should be apparent to anyone with even half of a brain. If they were compassionate they would care about what happens when we abort a mission in a foreign country due to their hollering, screaming, and making complete asses out of themselves. Yet this country buckles under to the squeaky wheel. I believe we conservative patriots who are the real caring people in this country need to do more squeaking!

  12. Gayle Says:

    By the way, Seth; I love the title of this post: “Murderous Exasperation.” Exactly!

  13. Seth Says:

    Gayle –

    The problem is that we would confine all our squeaking to telling the truth, while the liberals would simply squeak whatever lies they needed to squeak to make us look like the liars, and the leftist whore, piece of sleaze, anti-American traitors in the media like Bill Keller would publish the same lies.

    Which, I might add, leads to the title of this post… It would be sooooooo gratifying to clutch one of those %#&^**%# by the throat, throttling them and banging their head against a wall while yelling something like, “You &**#&^&, what the &*%##&*^&&# are you %&&#%&&%!!!?” :-)

  14. atheling2 Says:


    Calm yourself! *hands him a donut*

    It frustrates me too. I would just like to send them all packing. Go to Europe (which is dying), go to Cuba, go to Russia, go to China, go anywhere! Just leave our country in peace so we can conduct this war properly and survive!

  15. Arthur Stone Says:

    The beauty of the internet is folks can say here what they never ever have the nervee say in person.

  16. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    And the sooner, the better!

    Mmmmm, that donut would hit the spot right about now……………….

  17. Seth Says:

    Arthur –

    There is nothing I would say on the Internet that I wouldn’t say directly to someone’s face. Having met a few other conservative bloggers, I can say the same for them.

    It’s the cowardly liberals that you describe.

  18. ABF Says:

    Been fighting LIEberals here for over 30 years now, and it’s a constant battle, but one were winning. The slime seems to squeeze out of every corner and infects a lot of the youth. As much as they preach tolerance and non violence, they are the most intolerant and violent people on earth. I’ll continue to kick their butt no matter where they reside.

    Hey … Handycraft Wholesale … the link … click the link .. hard to hold back … click the link .. LOL

  19. Seth Says:

    AB –

    It’s interesting to note that there’s more violence and vandalism at liberal “peace” protests than at any conservative functions.

    When they did their “peace” thing in San Francisco over Iraq, store windows were smashed, everything that wasn’t bolted down got tossed in to the middle of the street (newspaper vending machines, etc), it was a great indication of how much liberals endorse “peace”.

    They are liars, hypocrites and traitors.

    Comment notification was out at for a couple of days or so, and it was harder to keep up with the goldurned spambot invasions. Too bad, Handycraft Wholesale sounded like the way to go, LOL!!!!

  20. atheling2 Says:

    LOL, Arthur doesn’t even have the nerve to say what he “thinks” by having his own blog!

  21. Seth Says:

    Atheling2 –

    Arthur is the epitome of liberals: They disagree without having any basis for their disagreement, they just disagree because it is who they are.

    If he started his own blog, he would be in a quandary; He would have to disagree with himself, and just doing his first post might short circuit him.

    Remember that Star Trek episode where Kirk tells the android that “I always lie” and it says, “but if you say you always lie, you are telling the truth and that means that you are not lying, so…” or whatever and it blows out the ‘droid’s circuitry trying to reason it out? That would be Arthur trying to compose his first post, LOL.

  22. Always On Watch Says:

    So what did American liberals do? They extolled the virtues of communism in all its grand superiority over capitalism, even as they enjoyed instant gratification at the local mall while Soviet citizens were standing in bitter cold, in four and five hour lines, to buy a potato.

    What a lie liberals make of the word which is their “label”!

    In my lifetime, I have watched liberals support the egregious acts of Communism and Islam.

    Look. If liberals so much despise the principles upon which our nation was founded, why don’t they go live in one of those dytopias they admire and hold up as models?

    As you said, Seth, America’s enemies, any enemies, have never had a better friend than a liberal.

  23. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    Liberals wouldn’t dare move to the political environments they so fervently support. They are constructed purely of platitudes, not a genuine spine among them — while they would cheerfully have others suffer the suppression of liberty, they themselves prefer to enjoy the freedoms they so readily abuse.

    What they are ignorant of, in extremis, is that their obstructions bring us, and them, inexorably(sp?) closer to those same political climes they so wish to avoid bringing upon themselves.

    They are like spoiled, ignorant children and they present a tragic burden, looking to the future, for the rest of us.

  24. elmers brother Says:

    this was great seth

  25. Seth Says:

    Elmer’s Brother –

    Welcome, and thanks. :-)
    This was one of those rants that are accompanied by the gnashing of teeth.