October 22, 2006

When You Get To The Polls….

….on 7 November, before you think about casting any votes to the left, it might be good to consider what the Democrats have in store for us should they win themselves a majority in Congress.

Gayle, at My Republican Blog, has posted a partial summary of Nancy Pelosi’s voting record and a link to same in its entirety — Pelosi’s voting record reflects perfectly the agendas of today’s Democratic Party, and with a majority vote would be able to make many of their agendas a reality.

Unlike so many of our Republicans on the Hill, the Democrats don’t believe in compromise: The first chance they get, it will be “my way or the highway” as they begin slamming out bills that will do great harm to our national security, our economy, our already broken education system and the criminal justice system, not to mention, of course, various “adjustments” to social issue legalities that would go against what most Americans endorse. They have already laid out their plans to impeach the President based on their dubious charges regarding his conducting of the War On Terror.

Many elections in the past have been less significant in terms of combined major impact, but this upcoming election comes at a time when the wrong policies generated from the Hill can do the most long-term harm to this country.

Please give Gayle’s linked post and the link within a good read….

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9 Responses to “When You Get To The Polls….”

  1. Old Soldier Says:

    Seth, perhaps it is optimism or my believe in the AMerican people, but I honestly believe that the conservatives (Republicans and a majority of the “undecided”) will actually get out an vote on Nov 7th. I do not believe the liberals will win a majority in either chamber of the Congress.

    I believe the liberal MSM is doing an excellent job of propagandizing the population to make them think the majority of Americans are ready to throw in with the Democrats, but I also believe “they protest too much.” I believe the constant MSM onslaught that “Democrats are going to win a majority” is because they aren’t going to win that majority and therefore that much more energy is spent “convincing” the people.

    In all the surveys that ask the question, the war against terrorism is still of the greatest concern to the American voter. I cannot parlay that belief into a Democrat majority this Nov. I don’t think the Dems have even come close to indicating they have a plan that is better than confronting evil and engaging it.

    Now, all of that was not meant to demean Gayle’s post; her message is timely and needs to be illuminated. We certainly do not want Dems who will undo all the progress we’ve made in the enconomy, etc. So, I’m onboard with the idea of shining a spotlight on these liberals who turn cameleon at election time.

  2. Gayle Says:

    Seth, I agree with Old Soldier that the MSM is doing it’s ever-lovin’ best to make it look as though Republicans are going to stay away from the polls. I don’t believe it’s going to happen in the large numbers they predict, but I’m not taking any chances. I’ve already put together another post as to why it’s important for Republicans to get out and vote. That post will go up tomorrow, under the Pelosi post. I’ve already convinced one reader that it’s important to vote, and so that makes the Pelosi Post worthwhile. I also am hoping that all their blathering about Republicans not voting will tick off many Republicans who will vote just to prove them wrong. It could very well backfire on the Dems.

    Thank you so much for the link. I appreciate it! :)

  3. Seth Says:

    Old Soldier –

    This is true, the MSM does tend to spin everything to make it appear as though the “vast majority” of Americans are Democrats and that they’re heading for a hands down, across the board win on election day, in hopes of playing on that small part of human nature that makes people want to pick “the winning team” rather than bet on the loser.

    I, too, believe we will maintain the Republican majority, but I think that because of the MSM’s saturation of spin and the many who have no doubt been taken in by it, every effort must be made to counter those small victories of theirs by enlightening those we can.

    One is forever running into people whose views reflect, almost word-for-word, the drivel published by the likes of the NY Times and their fellow travellers.

    Gayle –

    You’re welcome, it needed to be shared. :-)
    I’ve already convinced one reader that it’s important to vote, and so that makes the Pelosi Post worthwhile.

    Absolutely right!

  4. Merge Says:

    MSM is doing it’s evil best to swing your country to the extreme left. We beat them here, you can beat them there as well… Please don’t let them win America!

  5. Shoprat Says:

    I intend to vote GOP but I don’t think it is likely to be a “blue tide” and believe the GOP will hold its majority in the at least the Senate if not both houses.

    My concern is that the Donks, using their phoney polling will scream that the election was fixed and try to undermine it.

  6. Seth Says:

    Merge –

    Trust me, we won’t.

    I tend to agree with Old Soldier and Gayle that our fellow countrymen won’t let us down, and we know which way we’re voting, heh.

    You see, liberals have one flaw that beats them every time: They think everyone else is stupid, while in reality they are the stoops. You can confirm this by reading quotes from Kerry, Reid, Murtha and friends — Nancy Pelosi is probably the most dangerous of all of them, because she actually is smart. Her greatest problem, and thank G-d for it, is that she is surrounded by idiots like the aforementioned, who are and always will be out of control.

    Their statements, as well as the incessant hammering of the MSM, are the best advertising Republicans can have — the more they insult the public’s intelligence, the more they drive away moderates and conservative Democrats.

    Then there are their platforms — they are all about social issues that do not concern the voters’ primary concerns, such as the War On Terror/ Homeland Security, the economy, fighting crime, etc.

    The American taxpayer likes taking home more of his/her pay check and understands, also, that since Bush’s tax cuts during his first term, unemployment has gone down and the economy has improved because the rich the left is always yammering about now have more money to invest, thus creating jobs, thus increasing tax revenues by volume.

    The Democrats have vowed to make raising taxes a priority. Smart, those Democrats.

    On homeland security and the War on Terror, the only messages the voters are getting from the Democrats are “no eavesdropping on terrorists”, “no racial profiling” and “cut and run”. While the Republicans fight terrorism, the Democrats wage war on Wal-Mart and fetuses.

    Brave and Bold, those Democrats. Confidence inspiring, even.

    While the Republicans stand for a strong national defense, a strong economy, secure borders and safe streets, the Democrats stand for same sex marriage, abortion on demand, open borders, a piss poor education system, “affirmative” action and the wiping out of millions of jobs via compliance with the unproven doctrine of the Kyoto accords.

    Staunch Americans, those Democrats.

    So no, Merge, I don’t think we have a whole lot to worry about this time around, as we haven’t for quite a few years now. :-)

  7. Seth Says:

    Shoprat –

    We’ll likely hold both houses. The Angry Left has gotten so out of control, picayune and ridiculous these last couple of years that if they haven’t already lost all the votes they’re going to lose, they’ll do it in the throes of 11th Hour desperation.

    I wouldn’t have a heart attack or stroke or anything if they do try yelling “foul!” when they lose this time out and try to sue for a majority, LOL.

    Hell, Edwards wanted to take the 2004 election results to court but the goon — er, I mean Kerry, nixed it, surprisingly enough.

  8. Always On Watch Says:

    Old Soldier said, perhaps it is optimism or my believe in the AMerican people, but I honestly believe that the conservatives (Republicans and a majority of the “undecided”) will actually get out an vote on Nov 7th. I do not believe the liberals will win a majority in either chamber of the Congress.

    As unhappy as I’ve been with the Republican leadership, having a Dem majority in Congress is even worse.

    How I hope that Old Soldier is right!

  9. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    I believe he is.

    Every time a Democrat politician opens his mouth and sound comes out, more people make a right turn.

    By early November, we’ll be set.