August 18, 2006

Fun With Sandwiches

The last couple of days, I’ve been in some sort of sandwich mode.

Yesterday, I made a hot (shaved rather than “sliced”) roast beef, cheese and garlic mayo thing on Freedom bread (American made French bread, LOL). Unless you’ve tried it, you have no idea how great garlic mayo goes with things, and it’s easy to prepare (garlic powder, mayo).

Today, a hero (sub, to those of you who aren’t New Yawkers): Tuna salad (again, garlic mayo,) mixed with oregano, parsley, thyme, grated celery, shredded Romaine lettuce, and then overlayed with provolone and placed in the oven, so the cheese melts into the tuna and the sub is hot… MMMMMMMMMMMM!

Wanna cheat on a side dish? Try Ore-Ida Crispers, yum! A quarter hour in the oven to potato ecstasy, though they’re best with the product of the 2004 Prezelection’s loser’s wife’s most famous product. I hate to say it, but I’m set in my ways. Teresa’s Hind Heinz Ketchup and in the mayo department, Hellmann’s — Best Foods, west of the Rocky Mountains …. or is it the Mississippi?

You’d drool over the ingredients of the burgers I make, especially when I’m barbecuing. Mmmmm….

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11 Responses to “Fun With Sandwiches”

  1. Nelly Says:

    you know what? I really try this out :o)

  2. Seth Says:

    The garlic mayo thing is awesome, goes great on a hot roast beef sandwich. The shaved roast beef idea comes from a U.S. (I don’t know if they have them in Germany) fast food chain called Arby’s. The provolone melt first came to my attention at one of New York’s myriad excellent mom and pop pizza/ sub shops, via a recommendation by the owner.

    Having bachelled for many years, I find myself always on the lookout for different ways to prepare food. :-)

  3. Nelly Says:

    We don’t have Arby’s instead we have Subways, which also is awesome. We love Subways, well at least my friends and I. One of my buddies is Manager for a couple of stores over here and the Cookies, YUM!!! Subways cookies are the best, especially because you can’t get them elsewheres. Double Chocolate or White Chocolate, I’d nearly do everything to get them LOL.

    Another thing you barely can find are bagles. Miners got them but they are so damned expensive, it’s redicioulus. And what you’ll never find is Beef Jerky, I love Beef Jerkey and there is no way to get it. I perhaps could order it online but they usually want to have Credit Cards which most of the Students over here don’t have because all we need is an EC Card… *sigh*.. no Beef Jerky after all… ah well..

    Hey, if you find more ways to prepare food let me know, because I do like preparing Food for my guys and they love surprises :o)

    Especially Garlic Mayo sounds good.. do you know Remoulade?

  4. Seth Says:

    I lived in New Orleans for a few years. Love the food, though I never learned how to cook Cajun or Creole. The closest I can get is using Zatarain’s products, LOL.

    Remoulade, mmmmm!

  5. Seth Says:

    New York is the place for great bagels, also bialys.

  6. Michael Says:

    samiches? I like all samiches…

  7. Seth Says:

    Michael –

    Mee Too. :-)

  8. r Says:

    mmmMMmmm food.


    I’m hungry now. LOL

  9. Seth Says:

    r –

    Both of the sammiches I described up there are highly addictive.

    Good nic, it’s the first lyric in Scarborough Fair/ Canticles.

  10. BB-Idaho Says:

    Watch that Ore-Ida stuff. Way too much trans-
    fats. Your liberal food watchdog from where they
    grow and contaminate the stuff. (Oh, OK, I OD
    on the stuff too!)

  11. Seth Says:

    Those Crispers, mmm!

    Ore-Ida is over-producing, try finding one particular product (like Crispers, mmm!) in their section at a big supermarket. They must have covered everything you can possibly do to a cryogenic potato, LOL!