August 2, 2006


The extent to which the media goes to hoodwink the American people on Israeli-Palestinian events is unbelievable. Always On Watch has a fascinating and revelational video posted that’s entirely worth watching for its duration of eighteen minutes.

To watch the video, go here.

You’ll actually watch narrated footage of the making of staged, scripted propaganda video in a format not unlike HBO’s “The Making Of…” series, utterly made-up, Hollywood style video that inevitably finds its way into our liberal media as real news footage, scoring propaganda victories for Palestinian terrorism as Americans believe what they’re seeing and hearing vis a vis “the evils of Israel”.

You have to watch this, it’s interesting, highly revealing and, in some ways, maddening as you realize what kind of fiction our liberal media is reporting to us in the guise of “news”.

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5 Responses to “Pallywood”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    I found some additional information HERE.

  2. Old Soldier Says:

    Seth, I’ll have to watch the video after I get home.

    Taqiyya is the islamic principal being exploited by the radical Muslims in generating their little masterpieces in deception (and outright lies). I guess you could call it allah-scantioned lying. Doesn’t even closely resemble our commandment of, Thou shalt not bear false witness… God didn’t tell us we could lie to unbelievers if we were promoting Christianity, did He?.

  3. Seth Says:

    AOW — Thanks!

    The Second Draft looks like a really good site, I’m going to go through it tonight, after I finish with an irritating piece of a work project I’m involved in.

    Old Soldier –

    It would seem that Islam has few, if any, redeeming qualities, LOL. They can lie, cheat, murder and steal and it’s all in keeping with their religious beliefs, as though old Mo the Molester simply went down the Ten Commandments and struck out all the “nots”.

    The video, over at AOW’s place, is definitely eye-opening and worth every minute of the time it takes to watch it.

  4. Old Soldier Says:

    Seth, I agree. The ‘Pallywood’ documentary along with ‘Obsession’ are two must see visual reports. I just cannot fathom so much hatred. I don’t believe Hilter’s Nazi Germany generated as much hatred among their citizens as radical Islam is fomenting among its followers. Certainly “good people” cannot sit idly by and allow the Wahabbiist doctrine to go unchecked.

  5. Seth Says:

    We definitely have our work cut out for us, Old Soldier, don’t we?

    Since the MSM prefers to leave the public ignorant for political reasons rather than do its job, it is incumbent upon those of us who know and care what’s really going on and the dangers our free society faces from Islam to get the truth to as many people as we can.

    By and large, the Blogosphere has been doing a pretty good job of that so far — the liberal media realizes this and hates the idea that the truth is gradually making it into the public domain despite their best efforts, especially since it’s decreasing their credibility among watchers and readers and that is manifesting itself in deflated subscriptions and viewing audiences — but there’s still a long way to go.

    A lot of people will actually have to see both “Pallywood” and “Obsession” to fully realize how badly they are being B.S.’d by the MSM. The latter was taken down for a day or two, but is back.

    I just returned from a soiree up at Kat’s, where I met the venerable AOW in person for the first time. AOW said that the DVD version of Obsession is missing 17 minutes of what’s on the Web version, so getting people to see the WWW version is a good idea.