June 21, 2006

America Says Thank You….

From Move America Forward we now have purely donation-sponsored(how to donate is linked below in the email alert) national TV and radio ad campaigns whose target is to get out the complete truth about our troops’ activities in Iraq and in the War On Terror as a whole, not just the whining, spun, often uncorroborated, ever-negative, one sided, politically screened “reports” we receive from the mainstream media. Most importantly, the ads will let our troops, and the families of our troops, who are fighting the War on Terror know that, despite all the Bee Ess coming from the lefty media, marxist stooges like Michael Moore and Jane Fonda, wingnuts like Cindy Shirthead — damn, how’d that ‘r’ get in there? — and an alarming number of hungry career politicians on the Hill, from both sides of the aisle, who seem to have forgotten both that they work for us, the American Taxpayer, not for themselves, and that it greatly behooves not only them, but all their constituents, when senators and representatives are patriots — that the American people are profoundly grateful to our troops for what they are voluntarily doing on our behalf, for the risks they take every day and the hardships they endure, and for their often brutal sacrifices, and to their families.

The kind of money Move America Forward has had to raise for these projects so far, especially the T.V. ads, has more than demonstrated that there are a huge number of American individuals, companies and foundations that support our military personnel and the War on Terror. To read the New York Times or watch CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or NPR (spit), you’d think there were only a few isolated pockets of right thinkers in this country, most in hiding, and that everyone else is a staunch liberal who hates the President and condemns the War on Terror, the fact of the Bush reelection notwithstanding.

The television spot begins airing tomorrow {Thursday, 22 June}.

National TV Campaign:

“America Says Thank You”


Television & Radio Ad Campaign Thanks U.S. Troops

for Service & Sacrifice in Iraq & Afghanistan

(SAN FRANCISCO) – A major multi-media advertising blitz thanking American troops for a “job well done” in the war against terrorism will begin on Thursday, June 22, 2006.

The “America Says Thank You” ad campaign is a project of the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website: www.MoveAmericaForward.org). The first television ads will air on the Fox News Channel television network. The debut 60-second TV spot features a listing of major terrorist figures killed, captured or arrested as a result of the U.S.-led war against terrorism.

The ad campaign will then expand to CNN/Headline News and then on to local affiliates of the major television networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, WB, UPN).

Total expenditures for the ad campaign are expected to run well into six figures, and this funding is being provided by individuals, organizations and institutions who wish to see more balanced and positive media coverage on the war against terrorism. To date more than 1,000 individuals have contributed to this specific advertising effort.

Pro-Troop Message Must Be Purchased – Media Bias Alleged

“We’re broadcasting these ads because somebody has to tell the other side of the story that’s not being reported by the news media. Our troops are making great progress in the war on terrorism, and there is a steady stream of positive developments taking place in Iraq,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

“Many journalists have gotten so bad in obsessing on any and all negative developments in Iraq – at the exclusion of coverage of any positive accomplishments being made – that supporters of U.S. troops are forced to buy the airtime to tell the public about the progress being made by our troops.

“We understand the mission in Iraq is a challenging one and we recognize that there are obstacles that must be overcome. However, can’t the news media tell the American people about all the good things being done there in addition to the bad stories? The good news coming out of Iraq is almost never reported,” said Melanie Morgan.

“So, until it does, Move America Forward will rally the American public to stand together and get that message out. We owe it to our troops and the military families to make sure that the efforts being made by the men and women of the United States military receive fair and proper coverage,” Morgan concluded.

The first television and radio advertisements can be seen online at Move America Forward’s website: www.MoveAmericaForward.org

The following is a description of the above-mentioned commercial advertisements.


TV Ad: “America Says Thank You”

Description: Details the terrorist leaders who have been killed, captured or arrested by the United States and our allies in the war against terrorism. Points out that U.S. Troops are also actively involved in helping to build a free and secure Iraq. 60-second television advertisement.

View it Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvfRCwk8edg


Radio Ad 1: “Winning the War Against Terrorism”

Description: Features Joseph Williams, father of Marine Michael Jason Williams who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Williams asserts that the war in Iraq has helped to make America safer. Also features Deborah Johns, mother of Marine William Johns, who is returning to Iraq for his THIRD tour of duty. Urges the American people to pull together as a nation to show the terrorists that we are in this fight to win. 60-second radio advertisement.

Listen to it Here: http://websrvr80il.audiovideoweb.com/il80web20028/MAF-7452_REV.mp3


Radio Ad 2: “America Thanks You”

Description: Similar audio track to “America Says Thank You” television ad. 60-second radio advertisement.

Listen to it Here: http://websrvr80il.audiovideoweb.com/il80web20028/MAF-7456_Mix.mp3

A tip of my hat to Joe Wierzbicki.

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