May 27, 2006

A Couple Of Good Perusals For Memorial Day

Melanie Morgan, conservative San Francisco (don’t hold that against the great lady, I myself moved to Charlotte from San Francisco some five months ago and didn’t hold having lived there against myself, in fact I rather compared myself in some small way with Job, except my torments came in the form of suffering being surrounded by and having to deal with lots and lots of unbelievably “out there” liberal wingnuts on a day-to-day basis) talk show host and Chairman of the non-profit organization Move America Forward, a truly patriotic organization that supports our military people fighting the War On Terror overseas, has written an inspiring column for this Memorial Day which I would like to share.

You can read it here.

Then, move along to my friend GM Roper’s blog for a celebration of Memorial Day in photos.

Notice a really excellent pic, while you’re there, of the U.S.S. Constitution.

And while you’re enjoying the long weekend in whichever way you do, be it barbeque, beach, beer, booze, a combination of all the above or a visit with those relatives who dwell ‘way out there in the sticks, please take some time out to honor those who have fallen in battle on behalf of our great nation, and to pray for those who are presently putting it all on the line fighting tyranny, oppression and terrorism in our name in other parts of the world.

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