May 20, 2006

Taking The Brave For Granted

When we talk about supporting our military personnel who are fighting in Iraq not only on our behalf and that of the Iraqi people, but on behalf of the free world — do some reading on the history of Islam, get real about the threat posed by the now neutered Saddam Hussein, not just the “Bush lied, people died” malarkey spouted by a bunch of airheaded, anti-American, ignorant, marxist or a combination of all four people who are evidently information challenged — we are talking about actively notifying the politicians (such as they are these days) that represent us in the House and Senate as to our support of the troops and their mission (You cannot support one without the other. Either you want them to accomplish their mission and come home safe, or you don’t. Those who claim to support the troops and then protest the war they’re fighting are what we call shameless, lying liberals, like the men and women with spines of cooked asparagus who stand before Walter Reed on Friday evenings and let the permanently disfigured heroes within “know” that they sacrificed “for nothing” :men and women alike, I call these people toilet cakes) — we are talking about about explaining reality to those who haven’t yet grasped it — we are talking about honoring those brave service personnel, about praying for their success and survival, about thinking of them as we enjoy the trappings of living in this great country while they are living in constant physical danger and discomfort, engaging in mortal combat to ensure that we continue to enjoy those trappings, not least among which are a whole slew of rights Iraqis never dreamed of under Saddam. Hell, a convicted felon here in the U.S. has more rights than most Iraqis did under the Husseins.

Before I go off on the major rant I feel coming, I’d better hand you off to blog buddy G.M. Roper, who has a post up that you’ve really got to read.

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2 Responses to “Taking The Brave For Granted”

  1. GM Roper Says:

    Seth, thanks for the link and the kind words.

  2. Seth Says:

    GM, as I’ve told you before: Credit where credit is due.

    Thank you for that excellent post. :-)