May 27, 2005

Ann Coulter/ Diane Ravitch

Today I finished reading a book called The Language Police by Diane Ravitch, a book about how both the left and the right, via pressure groups, influence what our children read in school. The politically correct changes of terms and words into what certain people deem acceptable terminology and the censorship cited by the author are so blatant as to be offensive to any truly intelligent person. The book is a read I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in knowing how children(perhaps their children), in the course of a school day, are being programmed, much of this subliminal indoctrination in blatant counterpoint to anything resembling the comparative literary honesty of primary educations twenty- five to thirty years ago and beyond.

Today, via one day delivery from Amazon, I received a great DVD called Is It True What They Say About Ann? It’s a compilation of speech segments, book signings and interviews with the awesome Ann Coulter, including feedback from liberals who hate her and testimonials from people who admire her, including a Democrat or two. Having read her books and being in total agreement with the majority of her political opinions, I think the DVD is a must- buy for anyone who either loves her like I do or hates her like liberals do, and is interested in “up close and personal” encounters with political or literary icons.

For those who aren’t familiar with Ann Coulter, she’s a sexy, superintelligent(she has a Law degree and has worked in the field), aggressive conservative dynamo who’s a syndicated columnist and the author of four books, including High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Slander, Treason and How To Talk To A Liberal(if you must). She is also a highly paid speaker and syndicated columnist.

I’m having a problem with links in posts right now that I’m in the midst of resolving, so I can’t provide links to order either the book or the DVD in question, but both are well worth acquiring. Either can be obtained at Amazon, and the Ann Coulter DVD can also be ordered at her website(see “Links”).

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