March 30, 2006

Urgent Message

This in today from Bay Buchanan –

****Please, go to your Senators’ office this Monday, April 3 at noon****

Dear Friends,
While the Senate continues to debate the outrageous ideas of amnesty and
guest worker, calls and e-mails from Americans everywhere are pouring in.
Americans are furious that the Senate is even considering these failed and
dangerous proposals.

We need the Senate to do the right thing by us! We are the people they
are paid to represent! What we want is clear—border security and
enforcement of our laws. In short, we need our Congress to break with
their corporate masters and do their job–and we need them to do it now
before it is too late!

Please, if at all possible go to your local Senators’ offices at noon on
Monday, April 3rd —if that doesn’t work go anytime during the day. The
Senators will be in Washington, but their local staffs will pass on your

Also tell your friends and families about this effort—even make flyers and
pass them out in your neighborhood, send this message around the internet.
Help us get as many Americans as possible to show up at their Senators’
offices on Monday!

And please keep calling them as well—we can’t let them do this to America!

My best,
Bay Buchanan

PS Many of you have said we need to do more—a March on Washington or the
like. I have been talking to many people about it. It would take months
to do it right and I am not certain we have months. We need to get to the
Senators NOW! So in spite of the short notice we are asking you to
organize as many people as possible and go to at least one of your
Senators’ local offices this Monday.

PSS In the meantime I am trying to see if there is time for a massive
demonstration. If there is, I will move ahead if you are with me.

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2 Responses to “Urgent Message”

  1. Raven Says:

    Heh I went to nashua today and hung outside my Senators’ satellite office…Did my part when they showed up. Threatened NOT to vote for them again if they allowed this to happen.

    I don’t have a good feeling about this at all. I’m afraid we are not being heard.

  2. Seth Says:

    It’s really amazing that these people can so completely ignore the vast majority of Americans, like there’s a “fly buzzing somewhere in the room” or something, as they stumble all over themselves trying to be PC.

    We just need to keep at ‘em, and let them know that we won’t have forgotten which way they vote on this issue when they next run for reelection.