February 18, 2006

The Effect Of Liberal Academics On American History Education

Yet another example of how the so-called intellectual, obfuscating, Marxist, propagandizing, anti-American, lying, Machiavellan, treasonous, shit eating liberals’ domination of the American educational system has transformed many of today’s college students into history challenged, left leaning stooges for this country’s enemies within is well told by John Fund(scrolling down the page)here.

‘Pappy’ Shot Down by Campus Ignoramuses

It’s well known that college students today aren’t as educated in our nation’s history as they should be, but it’s still hard to grasp the mind-bending political correctness just displayed by the University of Washington’s student senate at its campus in Seattle.

The issue before the Senate this month was a proposed memorial to World War II combat pilot Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, a 1933 engineering graduate of the university, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service commanding the famed “Black Sheep” squadron in the Pacific. The student senate rejected the memorial because “a Marine” is not “an example of the sort of person UW wants to produce.”

Digging themselves in deeper, the student opponents of the memorial indicated: “We don’t need to honor any more rich white males.” Other opponents compared Boyington’s actions during World War II with murder.

“I am absolutely bewildered that the Student Senate voted down the resolution,” Brent Ludeman, the president of the UW College Republicans, told me. He noted that despite the deficiencies of the UW History Department, the complete ignorance of Boyington’s history and reputation by the student body was hard to fathom. After all, “Black Sheep Squadron,” a 1970s television show portraying Colonel Boyington’s heroism as a pilot and Japanese prisoner of war, still airs frequently on the History Channel. Apparently, though, it’s an unusual UW student who’d be willing to learn any U.S. history even if it’s spoonfed to him by TV.

As for the sin of honoring a rich white male, Mr. Ludeman points out that Boyington (who died in 1988) was neither rich nor white. He happened to be a Sioux Indian, who wound up raising his three children as a single parent. “Colonel Boyington is luckily not around to see how ignorant students at his alma mater can be today,” says Kirby Wilbur, a morning talk show host at Seattle’s KVI Radio. Perhaps the trustees and alumni of the school will now help educate them.

Coincidentally, I’m about done reading a highly enlightening book that I can already assure you is a must-read for today’s students on every educational level if they are of a mind to discern the difference between what the liberals want them to “learn” and what actually transpired in American History.

The book, authored by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., PhD, is The Politically Incorrect Guide To American History.

One of the first things Stalin, Hitler, Mao and other totalitarians did was rewrite the histories of their nations, remaking the past to foster their control of the present. The American Left has done the same thing in our country: most American history books — both for students and adults — are riddled with PC nonsense that makes the Founding Fathers over into racist slaveholders, the settlers of the West into genocidal land-stealers, and the welfare state into as the harbinger of the ultimate triumph of liberalism.

But now at last conservatives and patriotic Americans have an antidote: The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History is a handy one-volume guide to our nation’s glorious past that has one key advantage over today’s dozens of dreary PC history books: this one tells you what really happened — not what liberals wish had happened.

Not only does Thomas Woods tell readers the truth, he also provides references to books that the “intellectual” liberals do not want today’s students(or anyone else, for that matter) to read as they, too, reveal the truth.

From my reading thus far, I highly recommend this book for anyone who prefers to know the truth rather than absorbing the PC revisionist malarkey being pushed on our youth for leftist political reasons.

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