December 30, 2005

Horror In Hollywood

Wesley Pruden’s got some good ideas on why Hollywood isn’t doing as well at the box office these days.

…the idea is dawning on the little minds of Hollywood that maybe the great gullible moviegoing public is fed up with junk — the endless car chases, the mechanical sex, the gore and guts, the mindless plots and maybe even the relentless sneering at red-state values. Hollywood has forgotten how to tell a story, or to recognize one. One screenwriter who must remain anonymous so he can continue to lunch in this town says that’s why there are so many remakes.
“No one has any confidence in what they’re doing. So if someone suggests remaking ‘Titanic’ for the fourth time, everyone says, ‘Yeah, great, that one always makes money.’ Or they’ll pay a lot of money for a book and only use the title, because they figure if someone in New York thinks the story was good enough to put in a book it must be OK.”

I can’t say as I feel all that bad about Hollywood’s misfortunes, seeing as the film industry’s taken such an adversarial position towards everything even remotely patriotic, or anything at all construable as American for that matter.

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