December 28, 2005

T’was The Night Before Hanukkah!

My friend GM, of Gm’s Corner, cross-posted this one from Winds of Change, a great site I’ve had blogrolled since I first began blogging, and being an American born Jew who grew up in a time when Yiddish and Jewish humour, courtesy of our immigrant parents and grandparents who were alive and well in the family I simply could not resist cross-posting it in turn.

It is simply brilliant!

‘Twas the night before Hanukkah and all over the place There was noise, there was kvetching Soch ah disgrace!
The Kinderlach, sleeping,
uneasily felt
The chocolate rush
from the Hanukkah gelt

And me in the easyboy,
so stuffed with latkes,
I stretched the elastic
which held up my gatchkes

When up on the roof
(and it has a steep pitch)
A fat alte kakker
was making a kvitsch.
I jumped up real quick
and I ran to the door,
Was it a bandeet,
or only a schnorrer?

He wasn’t alone;
he had eight ferdelach,
And called them by name
as he gave a gebrach:

“On Moishe, on Yankel, on Itzik, on Sam,
On Mendel, on Shmendrik, on Feivush, on Ham;
My kidneys are kvelling;
do you give a damn?”

He had a white beard
and payyes to boot,
And to keep out the cold,
he had such a nice suit!

A second from Peerless,
I could tell at a glance,
But the cut was okay,
and so were the pants.

He was triple XL,
a real groisser goof,
So I yelled out,
“Meshuggener! Get off from Mein roof!”
He jumped down and said
as he shook hands with me,
“Max Klaus is the name.
You have maybe some tea?”

So I gave him a gleisel,
while he shook his white mop,
Mutt’ring, “Always the same thing,
They’re dreying my kopp!”

From Vancouver to Glace Bay,
Outremont to Reginek,
Every shmo in the world
hakks meir a cheinik!

They’re screaming for presents,
and challah with schmaltz,
And from Brooklyn alone,
the back pain, gevaltz!”

So we sat and yentehed,
and we spun the old dreydels,
(He took all of my money,
and one of my kanidels)

He said, “Business is not bad,
a living I make,
But I’m getting too old
for this Hanukkah fake;

And the cell phones, you see
how my pacemaker dings?
For two cents I’d quit,
and move to Palm Springs!”

And he gave a geshrei
as he fled mit a lacht,
“Gut Yontiff to All,
Vey is Mir, Such a Nacht!”

(Author Unknown)

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2 Responses to “T’was The Night Before Hanukkah!”

  1. GM Roper Says:

    Thanks for the link! You are a good man Seth. Bad Jewish Boy or not!

    Cheers and Happy Hanukkah!

  2. Seth Says:

    Thanks, GM.

    I’m still enjoying rereading this one, LOL!