April 5, 2013

Another Face of Federal Corruption

And you wonder why we’re so fed up with our politicians and the bureaucracies they allow to flourish within our government? That’s right, OUR government, the one we pay for with OUR taxes.

From The Washington Guardian

The D.C. DOES program was supposed to spend federal dollars helping find jobs for the unemployed, but instead wasted $8.8 million on excessive salaries, rent and other unrelated costs

A District of Columbia program misused $8.8 million in federal funds that were supposed to help the jobless find work, diverting the money instead to overpay bureaucrats or cover unrelated overhead expenses, investigators found.

The grants provided by the U.S. Labor Department’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) were designed to support employment programs and unemployment insurance. Instead, officials at the DC DOES program couldn’t keep track of their own expenses, investigators said.

“D.C. DOES did not have sufficient controls and processes in place to ensure costs claimed for ETA grants were adequately supported by the general ledger and were reasonable, allocable, and allowable as set forth in federal cost principles,” the Labor Department’s inspector general general declared in a recent report.

Investigators analyzed $25 million the D.C. program received in federal grants and found that roughly a third of it had been wasted. But their sample size was just part of the $89 million D.C. DOES received between 2008 and 2011.

That’s okay, Uncle Sam, just keep providing plenty of Bread & Circuses.

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