March 25, 2013

Just In Case…

I had wanted to share a great Renaissance song, and wasn’t sure I had before. I looked back in the archives and couldn’t find any indication that I had.

The only video of this particular version was sort of screwed up as it appeared on some British TV show called DAVE, who is evidently a tacky “bloke” who specializes in stupid, uninformed comments.

Luckily, I found the same video without Dave’s commentary near the end. It’s lip synched, a TV production, but excellent nonetheless and is called Northern Lights.

This is it.

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2 Responses to “Just In Case…”

  1. Vladimir Says:

    Most people who swear blind allgeiance to a political party generally joined that party because they’re not intelligent or educated enough to have their own opinions, so they rely on the party to tell them what to think. That certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t intelligent liberals or conservatives, just that average intelligence seems to usually decline the more extreme a person is to either side. Most of the truly intelligent people in the world are somewhere closer to the center.

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:


    Welcome to Hard Astarboard.

    Although your comment is a little off thread, as the post was an excellent music video featuring Renaissance as opposed to a political post, I will address it.

    We here at this blog have been registering independent of late because we are totally frustrated with our previous party’s work record — that is to say, the Republicans have become more concerned with reelection and with feathering their own nests and less with the issues that concern their voter base, and in so being, they tend to let the far left run Democratic Party keep pushing the country farther to the left.

    Most of today’s younger citizens don’t remember the 1950s, 60s and 70s, so they have nothing to compare to our present political state.

    This country was founded on liberty, on every citizen standing on his/her own two feet and on the forces of the marketplace (capitalism). No matter how much liberals denigrate capitalism, it was the single factor that made America the richest and most powerful country on earth; Our founding fathers fought against taxation without representation, and against overbearing taxation that would flat out hinder the productivity of both business and the citizens employed by business; Today, our liberty is being infringed, our manufacturing and other formerly vital sectors of our economy have been driven to outsourcing by greedy unions supported by politicians on the left side of the aisle and, also from that quarter, over regulation and oppressive corporate taxation.

    Today’s youth is not taught the Constitution or civics, thanks to left-run teachers’ unions and a liberal run education system, so they haven’t a clue, when they go to the polls to vote for Obamas, Pelosis and that ilk, what they’re doing to the futures of their own children.

    Our Constitution was set up to prevent most of what’s happening here, and unfortunately, the only people in the country who seem to realize and oppose what’s being done to the nation are conservatives, who vote Republican for the most part.

    The Democrats, you see, who once possessed their own inventory of patriotism and saw value in the Constitution have since been bought and paid for by a well heeled (does the name George Soros, for example, mean anything to you?) far left who, as they urinate on the Constitution, are hell bent on turning America into a socialist country.

    If you’ll notice, many of the laws they try to pass would hinder the common citizen while these same wealthy liberals who push the laws would be shielded from same — living as they do in their gated communities and well guarded estates.

    Hope that helps…