January 31, 2013

Another Democrat, as usual…

When I first arrived in America, politicians here were still considered (mostly) moral role models. They were, after all, men and women elected as much for their perceived charactar as for their politics, because back then there was still a morality based outlook here in the United States. That is, sexual deviations of one kind and another were still considered just that… deviations.

Now, they are considerd to be “the norm”; The Boy Scouts of America are on the verge of allowing homosexual scout leaders (thank you, Democrats), same sex marriage is being legalized in various states (hat tip, Democrats), a recent president’s extramarital oral sexcapades were seen as “no problem” by his voting constituency (Democrats, go figure), a (Democrat) governor of New York, who had previously feathered his political cap by crusading against organized prostitution as state attorney general turned out to have his own preferred client status, complete with code number, among the same prostitute community and now we have apparently strong allegations that yet another Democrat has his finger in the forbidden fruit pie.

In a little-noticed email published online Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a young Dominican woman wrote nine months ago that she slept with 59-year-old New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez at a series of sex parties organized by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a longtime Menendez campaign donor.

“That senator also likes the youngest and newest girls,” the woman wrote on April 21, 2002, according to an English translation provided to The Daily Caller by a native Spanish speaker.

No wonder all the immoral legislation comes from the left side of the aisle; That’s where all the smut happens. Today’sDemocratic Party is a veritable anything goes orgy, and they legislate accordingly, not only to protect and legally justify their own illicit interests, but to attract the votes of their kindred spirits, pedophiles, homosexuals, bestiality afficionados, who knows what all else…

TheDC is not disclosing the woman’s name because she may have been a minor when her alleged sexual encounters with Menendez occurred. Four different Spanish speakers who reviewed TheDC’s translation of her letter all said her Spanish writing indicated someone who was very young and unsophisticated.

CREW chose to publish her name, despite her concerns for her safety. (RELATED: Emails show FBI investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes)

“I do not want to have problems with those people,” she wrote, adding that she believed “I can trust you, that you will help us, and that nothing bad will happen to the other young girls, to me, or to my family.”

“The thing that worries me the most is that if they know that I spoke with someone they will find me,” she added.

The young woman wrote that she was recruited as an escort from an adult escort service called the Doll Palace, and that the code word “chocolate” would summon her and other girls to Melgen’s sex parties. She offered specific recollections of Melgen’s preferred pimp, the homes where she slept with his house guests for money, and the phone number her calls would come from.

Want to go to a steamy sex party? Just call your local Democrat politician….

What a shameful path we in America have embarked upon, when we (at least, those who vote consistently, without reservation, for politicians of one of our two main political parties) disregard the moral fiber of those we elect to represent us in our local, state and federal governments…

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