January 2, 2013

Not exactly throwing in the towel….

….but acknowledging a reality I never thought I’d live to witness in this great nation;

I first want to thank Mrs. Wolf, along with her big bad husband and our good friend Chuck for holding the fort here in my absence — especially Mrs. Wolf who has put in such an effort for so long….

However, while I have been out of the mainstream as well as away from the blog for so long — I still have a few issues to contend with before I can return, though as far as Hard Astarboard is concerned, I don’t know exactly to what, though, again, possibly not politics as I see little point in playing against a stacked deck, which is what the United States of America has become, and blatantly so.

I spent a couple of days in New York recently and in walking around Manhattan found it rather depressing.

A few examples:

Yesterday’s immigrants, largely from east Asia and Europe, came over, assimilated into our society and contributed to the whole as new Americans, leaving their own legacies while becoming, as we say, “Americanized”.

Today’s crop, however, seems to come entirely from third world shitholes with little if any concern about becoming Americans. Rather, they bring said third world shitholes over here with them and this baggage they bring becomes the new American standard.

Sub Saharan Africans line the sidewalks, even in front of large established department stores, with stands purveying cheap knock-offs, others appear like magic right as rain begins to fall and sell cheap umbrellas that fall apart as soon as a slight breeze strikes them, so inevitably as one walks along one sees every corner trash receptacle overflowing with broken umbrellas in every level of disrepair. Still others illegally sell counterfeit watches (hundreds of them out there doing it daily from Canal Street all the way through midtown Manhattan), posting lookouts to warn them of approaching police officers. Hundreds of others run tables selling the same cheap items, from wallets to cell phone cases to scarves to gloves to who knows what all…

Jihadi wagons (those eyesore, unsanitarily maintained stainless steel “Hallal” food carts, many with a Muslim inside, many with one on the sidewalk in front of a grill) are virtually everywhere, all but underscoring the number of legitimate restaurants, cafes and diners, sometimes as many as four or five along one side of a block and the numbers keep growing, as though there’s no limit to how many can be out there to compete with regular eateries.

Most of the smaller retail businesses you go into are staffed by people who have no concept of that great American tradition known as Customer Service, nor have they any clue about the concept of product knowledge. All they know is how much an item costs.

You go into a stall in a public restroom, and you can rest assured that if some brownskinned guy from a third world shithole is coming out, he has just finished urinating without lifting the seat and hasn’t bothered flushing the commode, either.

The modern New York cab driver is a Muslim from one or another of those Third World shitholes (many even wear shalwar kamiz, the outfits seen in Pakistan and Afghanistan consisting of a long, loose shirt falling low over loose fitting pants — Wolf tells me that before he retired from service, he had occasion to punch a few holes in some shalwar kameez from time to time) who, despite a legal condition of a hack license being that he takes a fare wherever said fare wants to go in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn, tends to make a potential fare stand there, hat in hand, and say where he or she wishes to go before getting in the cab and if the driver doesn’t see the trip as revenue advantageous, he turns down the fare.

So now those same New York liberals who so fight to force multiculturalism on us have accepted the fact that now they have to stand there like sheep and hope a cabbie will agree to take them where they want to go.

Since it’s an illegal practice, many cabbies keep their “off duty” light on so they can say “I was off duty — if they wanted to go in the direction I was going, I could have taken them.”

This is multiculturalism in action.

While these barely civilized third world shitholers are being imported in droves, men and women from countries whose natives are infinitely more compatible with our sensibilities, our culture and our sanitary standards have to jump through hoops for the opportunity to live in America.

What a concept! Thank you so much, liberals.

Of course, this is all just cosmetic where the real problems we’re having are concerned; the real problem is that while Constitutionally, the federal government isn’t supposed to have the power to stomp our economy into the ground and spit on it or to micromanage our lives, they are doing a great job of both nonetheless. They are screwing us royally, without even a kiss, while feathering their own nests at our expense.

For some time, the far left has been firmly in charge of the media, our education establishment, American labor and the U.S. government, and in the latter case they’ve had a whole lot of help from those whores we conservatives have been electing to represent us in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

That’s right, whores.

The so-called “Republicans” have sold us out. Last time out, they used the Tea Party movement to advance themselves, then turned around and started denouncing those true patriots when they didn’t need them anymore.

As Mrs Wolf pointed out recently, prior to that, we had six years of a Republican presidency underlined by Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate…

…and our country STILL moved steadily to the left.

Meanwhile, our children are being dumbed down by the left-controlled education system that turns out a product that seems to have no concept as to political reality, who’d probably tell you Kathleen Sibelius is a long deceased famous composer and Joe Biden used to be the Tidy Bowl Man (actually, that has possibilities…). They’re voting irresponsibly, based on malarkey generated by a propagandizing mainstream media that, if there were any justice and the First Amendment notwithstanding, would be mass-prosecuted for treason.

But somewhere along the bottom line, that’s neither here nor there;

What is, is the fact that we’ve become a country of sheep, our politicians, who were supposed to be serving us, our shepherds. They enact unconstitutional laws and we tolerate them, they vote themselves (again unconstitutionally) health care and retirement and now Obama’s given them and the rest of the government an opening to get still more compensation… a bribe to vote his way, which you know they’ll accept in a heartbeat.

Slowly stripping our freedoms and raising taxes until…what? The 75% Gray Monk informed us in his comment to Mrs. Wolf’s last post that the French are now subject to? Will they not stop before America dies from an Overdose of Redistribution?

Yet throughout all this, our inboxes fill up with urgings from various “conservative” politicians, the GOP and a whole gaggle of Republican PACS to donate money so they can “continue to fight for the cause“.

What cause is that, exactly? Or better, whose cause?

It’s no conservative’s cause that I know of, in fact flushing our money down the commode would probably do more for any conservative cause than sending it to those RINOs in Washington.

They’re not using the money for any proactive results that I can see, yet it’s getting spent.

I’ve reached the point, in fact, where I’m about to mark every single email that comes in from any politicians, PACs or the GOP as Spam, because anything they say is pure bullshit.

They make a lot of conservative noises and, as Mrs Wolf puts it, rattle their sabers, and that’s all they do, as the country lists farther and farther to port.

Meanwhile, in New York there are more and more cops on the street along with some patrolling in unmarked black vans dressed in combat gear and armed with M4 assault weapons like those carried by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan — these guys will stop and deploy for no known reason at some point in front of a store or along a stretch of sidewalk, just to be seen… to get citizens accustomed to seeing a military or paramilitary presence in the course of the day, as we see National Guardsmen in Penn and Grand Central Stations on a daily basis now.

Is eventual Martial Law on the table now, as well?

All I see is the end of a great nation, sold down the river by the same self seeking politicians who so falsely purport to be American patriots.

So, while we’re not throwing in the towel just yet, neither are we going to concern ourselves with the politics of the day as enacted by the whores we’ve elected to enact them.

When I eventually return to full time blogging, I may go to topics other than politics, because the more we here at Hard Astarboard post from our conservative political point of view, the more we feel as though we’re flogging a dead horse.

I believe the writing was on the wall when Barack Obama was reelected. America as we longingly remember her, the Constitution we so love and the morality that once underlined American thought have all gone by the wayside, kicked unceremoniously aside by the very system that once supported them as the system was corrupted and bastardized from within by the far left, abetted by and with the spinelessly treasonous cooperation of a gaggle of whores masquerading as Republican Party politicians.

Every last one of those sniveling RINO toilet cakes, from Boehner on down, should be hung as traitors from the nearest lamp post.

So while Hard Astarboard will remain, we will put the fickle, defeatist politics of the GOP on the back burner and hope that somewhere in the future, with any luck in our lifetimes, those elected to give voice to the conservative viewpoint in the governing of the United States will once again be issued spines, pride in America as it was in the days of our youths and some semblance of patriotism….

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4 Responses to “Not exactly throwing in the towel….”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Good to see you back, Seth, but I could wish it were in different circumstances.

  2. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –


    I have had ample opportunity to follow political developments in the course of other activities, and have seen nothing but a government that has been selling out the American people, the port side through the same kind of propagandizing their Bolshevik cousins were so fond of, the starboard side by buttering their own bread via gradual acquiescence to the left, who, despite talk of a levelled playing field for the people, believe firmly in a ruling class of which they are a part.

    It is sickening watching all these hypocrites from both parties running their false pageant as both sides angle toward an inevitable intersection that will benefit them while suborning the useful fools of both sides.


  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    The rise of a “professional” Political Class is the death knell of democracy everywhere it occurs. I firmly believe that western civilisation stands on the brink at present and I don’t believe it will even be recogniseable in 50 years from now. And the “Political Classes” will have changed their religions, their ideologies and perhaps their “national allegiances” - but they will still be in power, they will still be betraying everything for their own ends and they will still be starting “little wars” and promoting “celebrities” to keep the populace distracted.

    The Romans used to use “Bread and Circuses” to keep the lower classes distracted and it worked right up until the Visigoth invasions in 410 AD and later. Now we have the same, only our “gladiators” are pop-stars, sports stars and other “celebrities” and “social security” serves the same purpose as the Roman distribtion of free bread …

    The parallels between our own age and the late Roman period are frightening, but our Political Classes are doing the same thing as the Senatorial class in Rome - squabbling among themselves, jockeying for advantage and lining their own pockets. Take a look at the pedigrees of the wealthiest people in any western nation and you can trace them back to Rome and some even further back. The real money and power always remains within the 1% of the world’s families and generally they look after things, but when you get the “Middle Class” trying to take control, they invariably arrive with a bunch of ideological “pie in the sky” schemes that have everything to do with their advancement and advantage, and nothing whatever to do with good governance.

    People probably don’t know that Lenin was the son of minor nobility … the nearest thing in Russia then to our current “Middle Classes.”

  4. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    I guess Seth’s back where he calls “out of computer range”, meaning there’s no internet access there.

    He’s somewhere in Virginia on a military reservation with my husband at the moment in a situation where there’s only minimal computer access.

    This situation is about over, and both men will soon be going about life the normal way again, Seth’s protracted problem a thing of the past.

    Your comment looks to have hit (unfortunately!) the proverbial nail right on the head.

    The only difference between the “then” and the “now” is the technology (internet, communications, et al) of the times — the U.S.’s power is projected in a fraction of the time the Romans’ was, the economic ties between us, Europe and the rest of the world more extensive and the effects ofone on the other more instantaneous, so that negative effects are both more visible and more profound.

    …our Political Classes are doing the same thing as the Senatorial class in Rome - squabbling among themselves, jockeying for advantage and lining their own pockets.

    Isn’t it great just sitting more or less helplessly (I say helplessly because it doesn’t matter whom we vote for, the song remains the same) and watching these people pee away our liberty and a great way of life in order to “feather their own nests”?

    I wonder if we’ll even have 50 years before everything’s changed completely…