December 10, 2012

More California Economics

As we’ve said before, they’ll never learn.

One rule of thumb I got from Seth some time ago is that one of the Liberal beliefs is that “it hasn’t worked the last 99 times, so it’s definitely got to work the 100th.”


From Godfather Politics:

Massive Revenue Loss Follows California Tax Hike Vote

During the recent election, Gov. Jerry Brown and supporters of Prop. 30 assured voters that there was no chance whatsoever that raising taxes again would drive away any of the state’s businesses or millionaires.

Brown even commissioned a study from the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality that found millionaires would rather stay put than let a little thing like government thievery drive them away.

The media backed that up with stories assuring readers that California could choke the rich, no problem.

State Controller John Chiang announced Friday afternoon (the traditional time for not getting stories covered) that the state’s revenue for November came in $806.8 million under projections. That’s more than 10% under budget for the month.


Yes, Whoops.

Although Chiang’s office did not comment on the whole “rich flight” issue, the breakdown of the trouble is an $842.5 million plunge in personal income taxes, $187.8 million decrease in corporate taxes, offset by an increase of $99 million in sales taxes. The sales tax rise probably has a lot to do with increasing consumer costs in the not-so-Golden State, although it wouldn’t be surprising if some of it was from happy liberals going on a binge after the election.

Will reality finally soak in to the spending-addicted brains of liberal voters and politicians? Not likely. Liberals’ dogma dies hard.

“It hasn’t worked the first 99 times…”

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4 Responses to “More California Economics”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Liberal-Left dogma doesn’t die, they will keep on trying until someone finally stops them in a ‘permanent’ fashion. No matter how often it fails, they keep trying the same stunt again and again. Our very own Labour Party never learned this in the 1940s, nor in the 1960s and 70s, failed again 1997 - 2010 … and when they get back into power, they’ll do the same again, and still can’t figure out why revenue falls when you try to ’soak the rich.’

    This is why they are so keen on ‘international government’ and ‘international law.’ It’s so they can make everyone as stupid as they are.

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    The U.S. and England are effected by the same sort of liberal infestation that makes things like a see-saw; When the lefties recede from power and conservatives run things, they leave the rich alone and the rich, not burdened withthe expenses incurred from overtaxation and costly government regulation, invest miore in their business pursuits, creating jobs and in so doing generating more tax revenue from those they employ (as well as the sales taxes and even more employment generated by more working people and their resultant spending power) than the government would make from overtaxing the wealthy alone.

    Then, enter years of leftie power, tax increases on the rich plus more regulation, and the layoffs and new employment slowdowns begin.

    When one stops to realize that most of these liberals are well educated and presumably at least somewhat intelligent, one has to wonder if they’re doing what they do on purpose, intentionally trying to sabotage things in hopes of bringing communism to their respective nations, thereby sacrificing their own freedom as well as everyone else’s.

    These people must be insane, self destructive or something along those lines.

    If there was only a spray on the market one could use to drive them elsewhere…

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    I would suggest this leftie behaviour is driven by two things.

    First, if you look at their backgrounds you find they are ‘well-educated’ (assuming any of what they learned, included understanding)and, by implication, also fairly above average in income, and now they feel a sort of inverted guilt at what they perceive as their “unfair good fortune.” That drives them to seek to “improve the lot of others” which is, in effect, a desire to show their “compassion” for the “under privileged.” In reality it is a nasty form of patronage, since they wish to be able, through their “gift” (in the Biblical meaning) to decide who may own what, live where, earn how much and travel under their control. It is the mindset that produced the Feudal System, which is, when you rip the wrapping off it, is what communism is, just a variant of Feudal governance, but with the King and Lords replaced by the Party and the Local Party Apparatchiks.

    Secondly, they firmly believe that, once they have achieved this communist Utopia, they and their supporters will be permanently and benignly in charge … Until someone like Mao, Uncle Joe Stalin, Pol Pot or someone of that stamp manipulates his or her way into power - and then all the lefti intellectuals find themselves in Labour Camps undergoing “re-education.”

    No, they never learn, and I believe there are now a number of studies that explain why some of us are more likely to adopt this mindset than others.

  4. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    That scenario is spot-on.

    If we keep going down the road we’re on now, we’re probably assured that it will be the conclusion of the age of the free world as we know it.

    But all is not lost, for even if this takes 50 years to happen, the wealthier members of the American left, even crushed into cattle cars with the unwashed masses en route to the gulag, will still find a way to blame it on G.W. Bush! :-(