November 26, 2012

Obama and the “Arab Spring”

I recall our president’s elation at the outset of the so-called Arab Spring, when he was outspoken in his desire to see the likes of Mubarak being replaced by an Egyptian statesman who would promote democracy in the land of the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Now that an Islamist has taken over and declared himself dictator — the first step in establishing a fanatical, hardcore, Talibanic fundamentalist Islamic state whose dogmas and general output would be good for neither the west nor Israel — there doesn’t appear to be much comment emerging from the same White House.

From The Foundry

Morsi has set Egypt on a troubling new foreign policy course since coming to power in June. His government has distanced itself from Washington while cozying up to China, improving relations with Iran, and violating its peace treaty with Israel.

He has escalated Egypt’s cooperation with Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood that controls Gaza and remains adamantly committed to Israel’s destruction. Morsi’s Islamist-dominated government has cracked down on Egypt’s media and has announced that Egyptian journalists will be put on trial for “insults” to the president. Morsi’s government is systematically clamping down on Egyptians’ political, social, and cultural freedoms. Yet the Obama Administration naively continues to court it as a partner.

Morsi may calculate that his help in administering Band-Aids to the festering Israeli-Palestinian conflict will make the United States and others who give aid to Egypt think twice before trying to reverse his power grab.

The Obama Administration was working on an aid package to Egypt that includes forgiving approximately $1 billion of Egypt’s debt to the United States. This is in addition to about $1.5 billion in annual U.S. foreign aid.

When protesters tore down the American flag at the U.S. embassy in Cairo on September 11, Morsi’s public reaction was nonchalant. Instead of immediately denouncing the attack and taking action to upgrade security around the embassy—as Libyan and Yemeni leaders have done after similar events—Morsi waited a day before casually issuing a mild rebuke to the rioters via Facebook.

The Obama Administration should leverage U.S. aid to pressure the Egyptian leader to respect the rule of law, abide by the decisions of Egypt’s courts, and abandon his drive for absolute power. Morsi has exploited external crises in the past to advance his own ambitions. In August, he used a Sinai terrorist attack that killed Egyptian soldiers as a pretext to purge the Egyptian army of its top Mubarak-era holdovers. Now he has done the same with the judiciary….

Barack Hussein Obama, where are you? Hiding under the what???? Oh, you’re not hiding, you’re down on your knees, derrier in the air on your prayer rug, thanking Allah for another Islamist victory?

It figures….

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4 Responses to “Obama and the “Arab Spring””

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Don’t hold your breath. I suspect the promoters of the “Arab Spring” will argue that he’s HAD to do this to prevent a Right Wing coup …

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    Yes, but now Mr. O’s going to see the farthest right wing Arab governance, Islamofascist style, he could ever hope to see, and the resulting problems constituted will be a large share of his “legacy”.

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    If he’s lucky, it won’t see an immediate hostility toward his regime, but it will, in all likelihood, see a large rise is activist organisations all ‘tooling up’ to take on ‘The Great Satan’ when they’re ready. Probably under his successor. Hopefully that will be someone willing to deal with the likes of Michael Moore and other purveyors of treason …

  4. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    I could see that, seeing as how the lefties are so sympathetic to terrorists, pushing political correctness, love and understanding toward them while condemning as deserving terrorism the nations that are victimized by them; Once the opportunity arises, the terrorists will kill or “dimmify” the Michael Moores and the rest of that crowd as quickly — probably even more since most of the very things these liberals condone are anathema to the jihadis.

    Also, at the end of the day nobody likes or trusts a traitor, so these useful idiots would get short shrift from both ends.