November 14, 2012

Draw Your Own Conclusions

First there were some reports about people at the polls in various states voting (electronically) for Romney/Ryan and seeing the screens indicate that their votes had been cast for Obama/Chipmunk Biden, now there’s this:

From Newsmax

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney got no votes in 59 voting districts in the city of Philadelphia last week on Election Day.


And the unofficial vote tallies have President Barack Obama beating the former Massachusetts governor by a combined vote of 19,605 to 0, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

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Then…Draw your own conclusions….

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2 Responses to “Draw Your Own Conclusions”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Being the nasty suspicious and cynical person that I am, I’d say this ‘result’ smacks of coercion at best and outright fraud at the least. I accept that it is ‘easy to knock on every door’ I don’t accept the argument that they entire population of any given district is ’solid’ for any given party. This is often trotted out in the UK for the closte communist Labour Party, but even in their most solid heartlands their opposition always score a significant number of votes. Perhaps the Phildephia Districts that returned a single ballot reply should be suspended and a full scale investigation of how the voting was organised, how people were ‘advised’ and how the Polling Stations were run should be undertaken by the FBI.

    A result like this suggests massive voter intimidation, fraudulent use of early or postal voting and actual coercion. It also suggests a large ‘fear factor’ possibly reinforced by ‘persuaders’ being present at the Polling Station to enforce the ‘right’ vote.

    Frankly, this reaks of fraud.

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:

    Gray Monk

    There just might be some people taking a good, hard look at it, to judge by this:

    Imagine what would happen if it was proven that Obama won purely on the grounds of rigged voting machines and the like. ;-0