September 17, 2012

The Democrats Have Sure “Gone” A Long Way

I say “gone” because “come a long way” depicts a positive, and where the Democrats have gone is anything but positive from any viewpoint invoking love of country, honesty or, for that matter, honor.

The corruption within the ranks of the Democrats can probably be laid at the feet of the liberals who bought out their party in the last two decades or so, but still, the deeds that can be attributable to these people are anything but acceptable in America, where we’re supposed to be a nation of laws.

“Sure,” some will argue, there are crooked Republicans, but for every one of those there seem to be fifty bent Democrats.

New York, a Democrat run state, is teeming with corrupt politicians, but other states wherein Democrats are prominent have their own share of criminal Democrats as well.

From JP Attitude:

On Monday, Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was arrested by the FBI for corruption. Tony Mack represents the blight that has destroyed the great cities of America, the blight of crooked Democrat mayors who have systematically raped and pillaged the cities they were elected to lead.

If you don’t live in a major urban area, you don’t know how bad it is. Travel across America and you will find city after city with the same feature: a rotten core of disintegrating infrastructure, dysfunctional schools, and violent crime. Detroit looks worse than Kabul or Baghdad, recent war zones. East St. Louis sends kids to school in buildings where sewage is backed up in the hallways. Vast areas of Los Angeles are run by gangs playacting like feudal lords from the Middle Ages. Chicago had 52 shootings over Memorial Day weekend, ten of them fatal – you’re safer walking around Baghdad with a big silver cross than walking around in Chicago.

What do all of those cities have in common? Decades of Democrat mayors.

If you think Tony Mack is an exception, maybe I should list other examples. What do you think? Can I list ten examples of corrupt Democrat mayors since the year 2000?

Read on…

What about honesty in elections, wherein eligible American citizens get to choose our leaders?

From Godfather Politics:

As we draw closer to the elections in November, we are learning there are numerous ways to win an election other than by the ballots cast by legal registered voters.

In several state primaries, it was discovered that dead people and non-U.S. citizens had voted. In some states, there are still thousands of dead people and non-citizens on the voter registration rolls. Why, we’ve even read where a guy’s dog that had been dead for two years received a voter registration card in the mail.

And through it all, the Democrats have fought tooth and nail to prevent states from cleaning up their voter registration records and removing dead people and non-citizens. They have also fought long and hard to prevent states from enacting voter ID laws and in some instances the DOJ has declared such laws discriminatory and illegal.

I always have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the Democrats on claiming the voter ID is discriminatory and will prevent poor black people from voting. Those same poor black people have to have some form of ID in order to receive all of the government aid and handouts they get, so what makes a voter ID any different? Besides, thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives and limbs to secure and maintain the right to vote, but not to secure and maintain government entitlements.


Chicago, where Obama started his political career has a long history of corrupt elections. The cities motto for years was if you can win an election legally, steal it any way you can.

In 2008, Obama won Virginia by seven points. At the moment, the polls show the race between Obama and Romney to be much closer. That means that Obama is going to need the vote of every dead person, non-citizen, pet and convicted felon, along with the voter intimidation of New Black Panther members if he wants to secure his victory in November.

Yes, the Democrats of today could sure give the likes of their like-minded soulmates, this one for example, a run for their money….

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