December 14, 2005

Bush Was Right

RightMarch now has a TV spot featuring the patriotic Right Brothers and their song, Bush Was Right.

Bill Greene, President of RightMarch, can use some help from all of us to get it on the air and get it some exposure. Up until recently, the left, via the dumbass, treasonous stooges of liberalism Mainstream Media were creaming us with their propaganda, now the right thinkers in Washington{not the apples and Bill Gates one, the District of Columbia one}, from George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Carl Rove on down are finally speaking out and turning the tide from anti-American leftist B.S. to the truth and consequently bringing up the approval ratings of the administration as more and more Americans learn what’s really going on in our nation’s capital, the economy and Iraq.

The tireless(I don’t know where he gets it, he’s a pretty big guy), tenaciously patriotic Mr. Greene tells all about it in the latest RightMarch alert.

ALERT: Doesn’t it feel good to say “I told you so” when you’re proven right?

Wouldn’t you like to say it right in the face of all those liberals who have been trashing President Bush for five years?

Now you can.

Take a look at this 30-second TV ad we’re planning to run nationwide - you’re gonna LOVE it:

I know, I know — it just doesn’t seem right, kicking the liberals when they’re down. After all, the economy is up thanks to tax cuts; the Iraqis are holding free elections; Saddam Hussein is on trial; our brave troops are making great progress in the War on Terror; and the President’s poll numbers are climbing again.

It’s enough to make Ted Kennedy cry in his drink. It’s enough to flip Carl Levin’s comb-over. It’s enough to put a sour look on Nancy Pelosi’s face. It’s enough to turn MoveOn into RollOver.

And our ad is designed to keep it up — and keep it in their faces.

We’ve been pushing our “Tell the TRUTH About Iraq” campaign for months now, with print and radio ads delivered to millions nationwide. And thanks to YOU, that campaign is WORKING — we’re hearing more and more about all of the GOOD news coming from Iraq, instead of just the small amount of BAD news that the mainstream media has been bombarding us with. Even the Administration has finally started holding “good news” press conferences, after “holding back” for so long.

And, we’re in the middle of our grassroots campaign to force MTV to play the new song by The Right Brothers, “Bush Was Right!” We’ve crashed MTV’s website several times with all of the requests from our members to see the video on their show, “Total Request Live.” We ARE getting their attention — and we’ll keep pushing hard for them to show at least a LITTLE balance in what they’re presenting to America’s youth.

Now, though, it’s time to REALLY grab some attention — from the mainstream media; from liberal politicians; and especially, from average Americans who need to hear the TRUTH about all of these FACTS.

This ad is a GREAT way to do that — but we need YOUR help to get it on the air:

We want to start out by airing the ad on Fox News, especially during the top-rated shows “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity & Colmes”. O’Reilly’s show alone attracts over TWO MILLION viewers per show!

With all of the media coverage that will get us, we can then move on to airing the ad — where else? — on MTV.

Unless they continue to censor us — in which case, it will get even MORE media coverage, and even MORE Americans will be reminded that “Bush Was Right”…

And YOU will get to say “I told you so” to even MORE liberals.

This is a BIG move for us, and it’s going to cost BIG bucks. A 30-second ad on “The O’Reilly Factor” alone costs over $30,000. Even MTV charges $8,000 for an ad like this.

But we KNOW that this ad will have a HUGE effect. It can’t be helped — liberals already HATE the song in this ad, and they’ve been screeching about it for weeks (everyone from Al Franken on Air America, to leftist Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, to bloggers like the Daily Kos). And can you blame them? They can’t STAND the fact that “BUSH WAS RIGHT!”

PLEASE HELP US get this ad aired where it will have the most effect: Fox News… Bill O’Reilly… Hannity & Colmes… MTV… and beyond!

If you can afford to donate $30,000, great — we’ll get this ad on right away! Most of our members can’t do that, of course — but if 6 people give $5,000, or 10 people give $3,000, or 15 people gave $2,000, or 30 people gave $1,000, we’d reach our goal!

In fact, if just 300 people gave $100 each… or just 600 people gave $50 each… or just 1000 people gave $30 each… this ad would immediately be seen by TWO MILLION people!

WILL YOU HELP? Whether it’s $30 or $30,000, every bit counts! This is YOUR chance to grab some attention for the TRUTH — and have fun doing it! Click here to donate now:

If you’d like to donate by check, please send to:
Dept Code 7
PO Box 20275
Washington, DC 20041-2275


William Greene, President

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