December 13, 2005

Purple Fingers

This RightMarch alert arrived yesterday, but as I was working to overcome technical difficulties that weren’t solved to the extent I was assured they were, and posting this alert involved reinforcing all the links herein, I am only now getting it published:

Alert: On December 15, the people of Iraq will do what no American should ever have to contemplate. They will risk their lives to vote. For the third time this year, the brave people of Iraq will go to the polls to determine their future. This time they will do so to elect a new government under the constitution that they approved in an October referendum.

On January 30, 2005, AP photographer Andrew Parsons took an iconic photo of an Iraqi woman flashing a “V” for victory after she voted:

Her finger, stained purple by poll workers to show that she voted, became a symbol of defiance to the terrorists, a symbol of pride, and a symbol of freedom.

Last January, 10 year-old Shelby Dangerfield from Montana demonstrated her solidarity with the freedom-loving Iraqis by inking her finger:

Join Bill Bennett, Sean Hannity, Martha Zoller and other radio hosts who are encouraging Americans to follow her example by asking them to ink their right index finger purple from December 12-15 to show support for the freedom loving people of Iraq as they prepare to vote on December 15th.

Here are some other things you can do to show support for a free Iraq:

* From December 12-15, ink your right index finger purple or wear a purple ribbon.

* Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.

* Email photos of yourself flashing your “Purple Finger ‘V’ for Victory in Iraq” to Pictures@PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org for posting to the PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org web site.

* Visit PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org

* Encourage local schools to download the Purple Finger for Freedom Model Lesson plan from PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org and ask teachers to teach a current events class about the upcoming Iraqi election based on it.

“Look at how long it took us to move from independence to the Constitution. Well, let’s see 1776 would be a good place to start with independence. It was 1788 before we had our first election under the constitution. So, we should take such pride in what’s going on in Iraq because it was the process we’ve gone, we went through as a new nation that has set a model for the world. And the Iraqi people of course we should very proud and supportive of what they’re doing, but we should notice that it is the American example that has led people to the idea of constitutions all around the world, the idea that you need a plan of government, a framework for governing. And, gosh, it makes me almost want to be a teacher, you know, on December 15th to be in classrooms across this country and talking to kids about what’s happening in Iraq and how our own history is reflected in it.”
–Mrs. Lynne Cheney
Diane Rehm National Radio Show
November 30, 2005

Let’s show the world that freedom loving peoples are united.

* Post the “SHOW SUPPORT for FREE IRAQIS” graphic below on your website with a link to PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org:

* Email to tell them that you want to be listed on PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org as a Supporting Organization.

Thanks for your support!

The Ad Hoc Committee in Solidarity with Free Iraqis PurpleFingerForFreedom.Org

P.S. Be sure to forward this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help support this giant move towards democracy in Iraq. Thank you!


William Greene, President

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  1. aaron Says:

    Purple Fingers… Now Where Did I See THAT Before???

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    PURPLE REVOLUTION [Bill Bennett], 11-28-05
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