August 17, 2012

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: You Go, Girl!

From Front Porch Politics

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will not be bullied by the Obama administration’s new illegal immigrant policies. According to a new executive order she issued on Wednesday, she has instructed state agencies to deny benefits to illegal immigrants regardless of whether they get temporary work permits or amnesty under Barack Obama’s disregard for the law in his new immigration policy. Brewer has labeled the new policy as “backdoor amnesty.”

Wednesday was the first day that illegals were to apply for work permits under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy and thousands lined up across the country to do so. But according to Brewer’s EO, state agencies will be denying IDs and benefits to those individuals.

You have to ask yourself: Why can’t all governors be as responsible and smart as Brewer when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants?

Jan BrewerTelling Obama to insert his backdoor amnesty where the moon don’t shine… :-)

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