May 17, 2012

This is just too spot-on not to link!

From Godfather Politics

In a speech the other day in Youngstown, Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden screamed at the audience, “They just don’t get us! They don’t get who we are!”

“They,” of course, means you and me, conservative types who are just too dim to understand all the wonderful things the Obama Administration is doing for the country.

The accusation came after a rant about how jobs are “coming back” and how there were “signs of life” in the Heartland because of the administration’s hard work and economic policies.

It was a typical liberal shoutfest where the louder you yell something, the more true it becomes. I’ve heard it numerous times from some of my educated friends who should know better: “You’re blaming the guy driving the firetruck for starting the fire.” For liberals, it’s we conservatives who look crazy.

So it’s helpful once in a while to do a reality check. A little self-analysis, as with confession, is good for the soul. I mean, if you were to go crazy, wouldn’t you at least want to know that you were?

In the case of political views, side-by-side comparison of liberal vs. conservative views on President Obama is one illuminating technique.


President Obama as a person

Conservative: Obama comes from a highly suspicious background in which he was raised and schooled around numerous anti-American socialists and communists; vital records such as schooling, medical history and selective service remain not only unavailable but deliberately kept under wraps; there is evidence that suggests Obama could have used false identities and been involved in fraud; even his birth certificate appears to have been forged.

Liberal: He’s black. He’s cool.

President Obama’s economic performance

Conservative: President Obama’s stimulus packages have shown no effect in improving the economy; there is ample evidence to suggest that most of the money was used as payback to supporters; he has turned auto and other companies into essentially state-run businesses; jobs have not come back in any significant way since Obama took office, and any statistical “gains” have mostly been attributable to large numbers of Americans simply giving up any hope of finding a job, thus shrinking the number of people counted as “jobless”; three years into it, Obama is still blaming President Bush for the economy.

Liberal: President Obama says the economy is getting better, and I believe him. He’s black. He’s cool.

Obama’s foreign policy

Conservative: Obama negotiates from weakness; he began his administration by apologizing to many countries that have been our enemies and bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia; he told the Russians over an open mic that he is essentially willing to cave to their demands that we remove missile defenses in Europe; he has tacitly and overtly encouraged violence in the Middle East, even engaging in military actions against Libya without informing Congress; he has weakened America’s standing in the world and pursued a policy of having America follow the crowd rather than lead.
Liberal: Obama says we are stronger than ever, and I believe him. He’s black. You’re a racist. He’s cool. You drool.

Obama’s domestic policies

Conservative: Obama has appointed an unprecedented number of “czars” who are not subject to any scrutiny or approval by Congress or voters; his TSA is out of control, violating the privacy of travelers under the pretense of airport security; the Department of Homeland Security and the IRS have been allowed to target conservative groups for harassment; Obama’s cabinet members and czars have shown repeatedly they are willing to go around the law by quietly creating “policies” for their respective agencies that were rejected as laws by Congress; the administration has demonstrated a culture of disdain for constitutional limits on presidential power; the president himself has tried to unconstitutionally decree that religious institutions must buy into a health insurance policy with abortion and contraceptive provisions that violate religious conscience.

Liberal: Obama knows best. You’re racist. I’m going to report you. You should be on a watch list. Shut up.

This is soooo accurate!

So, in summation, the reason conservatives know we aren’t crazy is that we actually pay attention to what’s coming out of Washington and draw logical conclusions. Could we be wrong on any given issue? Of course. All humans are fallible.

Liberals on the other hand seem to base their beliefs solely on the fact that someone in authority “says it’s so.” So liberalism is in essence just irrational faith.

A memo to our liberal friends: The next time you go to some online site to complain about how stupid and dangerous you think conservatives are, try looking in a mirror first.


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2 Responses to “This is just too spot-on not to link!”

  1. Tom's Place Says:

    Nice comparison between the two camps. Too bad the libs don’t see themselves for the hypocrites they are.

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:


    A friend of mine likes to say that liberals remind him, to large extent, of some sort of weird cartoon characters.

    Certainly, if any “progressive” possessed any real intelligence and was confronted by a video record of one of his or her political arguments, he or she would have to either laugh or feel pure shame.

    Oh, wait. Liberals are shameless, aren’t they…?