May 4, 2012

About Time!!!!

It would, of course, have to come from Rand Paul — he and dear old dad are among the few politicians in Washington who actually speak their minds these days.

Senator Rand Paul has issued a press release in which he vows to lead the charge to “end the TSA” and put a stop to the needless and humiliating groping of toddlers and grandmothers.

Earlier this year, Paul was detained by the TSA after refusing to submit to an invasive pat down after already having passed through a body scanner. The incident prompted national headlines and caused the Senator to miss his flight.

“It’s time to END the TSA and get the government’s hands back to only stealing our wallets instead of groping toddlers and grandmothers,” says Paul in the statement.

LOL! (above emphasis mine)

Best of luck; I know Seth, being a Security specialist himself, has been wanting TSA to be flushed down the nearest commode, where it belongs, for years!

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