April 28, 2012

“Stimulus”:Obama’s “Green Energy” Fraud

I sincerely hope that when the one minute video spot shown in this article is aired, people pay attention and keep it in mind when they head for the polls in November.

Finland? Mexico? China?

Obama. The best U.S. president nearly every country except the U.S. ever had! :-(

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2 Responses to ““Stimulus”:Obama’s “Green Energy” Fraud”

  1. Tom's Place Says:

    Yep - He’s not proud of our country, and doing his best to drop us to a 3rd world country by any means possible.

  2. Mrs Wolf Says:


    I’m glad that even a lot of Democrats are starting to realize this as well.

    Obama’s already done a lot of damage that will be tough to fix, if it’s fixable at all and another term of his left wing dog and pony show would be ten terms too many.