April 9, 2012

Eric Holder vs Voter IDs

Eric Holder, Obama’s attorney general, the snake who’s so vehemently opposed to any kind of voter ID (he has to be, because where would the Democrats be if they couldn’t get illegall aliens’, deadpeoples’ and double dippers’ votes to keep them in office) should be awfully embarrassed right now (that is, if it’s possible for a liberal to be embarrassed).

After all, he’s the man who says voter fraud’s not a problem here in the U.S.A.

Well, then, how come…?

In a shocking new video, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas demonstrates to the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, just why he should be concerned about lack of voter ID laws – by walking into Holder’s voting precinct and showing the world that anyone can obtain Eric Holder’s ballot. Literally.

The video shows a young man entering a Washington, DC polling place at 3401 Nebraska Avenue, NW, on primary day of this year – April 3, 2012 – and giving Holder’s name and address. The poll worker promptly offers the young man Holder’s ballot to vote.

Holder has maintained that voter fraud is not a major problem in the United States, and that voter ID would not curb voter fraud in any case.

Project Veritas has already shown how dead people can vote in New Hampshire, prompting the state senate to pass a voter ID law; they’ve shown celebrities like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady registering to vote in Minnesota, prompting the state legislature to put voter ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment. Washington DC voting law is a federal jurisdictional area. Will the federal government take up the challenge?

Have a gander here.

I love the way, at the end of the video clip, the man says “I’ll be back faster than you can say furious.” LOL!

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