November 21, 2005

Brand New Photo Essay By Michael Yon

Here is a set of photos taken in Iraq by Michael Yon that we’ll never see in the New York Times.

The left, after all, wouldn’t be interested in the exponential improvements our “human killing machines” have helped the Iraqis enjoy in education for their children and in the sheer numbers of children now able to attend school for the first time.

Do they look happy to see an American, or are those the expressions of bitter hatred from young Iraqis who want us out of their country?

You decide.

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2 Responses to “Brand New Photo Essay By Michael Yon”

  1. That 1 Guy Says:

    One of the things I stay away from while in the pub is the war… until the other night. One of the guys started in about how the Iraqi people hate us. They want us to leave now, as all we do is bring trouble to them.

    I finally couldn’t take it, and told him about all of the pics I’ve seen that show how happy they are with what the Americans are doing. Not just fighting, but with their support of the people. I mentioned that he’ll never see the positives because he’s relying on only the MSM to provide his info, not personal journals, or letters and photos home.

    I upset him, and he spouted back about how his nephew had sent home pictures just like that, but still, the Iraqi people as a whole hate us. I just shook my head and laughed at him.

    Being blind is a choice at times.

  2. Seth Says:


    I think most of the blindness comes from the incessant bombardment of misleading information from the MSM and Democrat leaders, from which people who don’t question the news they’re fed obtain the elements that lead to their own opinions.

    The MSM, both its so-called “journalists” and columnists like Paul Krugman will take a false concept like “the Iraqis hate us” and then ignore all evidence to the contrary, continuously repeating the lie like it is “common knowledge” until their readers/viewers come to accept it as such.

    Their current project is the “Cheney and Bush manipulated intelligence to mislead Congress” story, which they and the Capitol Hill Democrats will continue pounding into their constituencies, lack of conclusive evidence notwithstanding, until it becomes “common knowledge” that this was indeed the case.

    It’s very sad that the media and the leaders of one of the two major political parties that govern our nation are reduced to the status of bald faced liars in the interests of discrediting the President. If they spent their time, money and energy producing constructive ideas and solutions instead of devoting every waking moment to attacking the administration, the Democrats would stand a better chance of decreasing their minority status on the Hill and maybe getting within spitting distance of winning back the White House.