March 26, 2012

ObamaCare Goes On Trial

Today’s Day 1.

Yes, I feel a second post today is needed, since:

From The Hill:

President Obama’s signature domestic achievement — and, with it, a big part of his political legacy — is now in the hands of the Supreme Court.

The nine justices on Monday will begin hearing three consecutive days of oral arguments about whether the healthcare law is unconstitutional. The landmark legal challenge threatens to overturn an historic legislative victory, raising the stakes once again in a debate that will help define Obama’s presidency.

No matter what the Pelosis, Obamas and Reids of this world tell us, ObamaCare is as blatantly unconstitutional as most of the other agendas the “progressive” elements within the government are constantly trying to foist on us, though when many such issues fail to pass congressional muster, they are somehow “passed” via rulings by liberal activist judges.

That won’t be the case in this particular incident, hopefully, and the Supreme Court will rule via the Constitution rather than said political activism.

Legal experts agree the healthcare case is already in the same league as the court’s most famous decisions, including rulings on abortion and civil rights. Some argue it’s more important than Bush v. Gore, the case that decided the 2000 presidential election, because of its sweeping implications for the role of government.

“It has the potential to fundamentally alter our concept of limited government,” said Robert Alt, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

So we’ll watch the proceedings and, as they say, travel hopefully: Hopeful that our cherished Constituion will prevail…

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