February 10, 2012

They just keep on “keepin’ on”


Who dya’ think? Those enemies of every American morality, our every moral value, the very common sense that has made our nation a leader among nations.

Yes. Liberals…Excuse me, “progressives.” This time they’re popping up at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania.

Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania is now selling the “morning-after” pill via a vending machine. A pro-family group in that state believes that sends the wrong message to students.

For $25, people with access to campus health services at Shippensburg can buy Plan B from a machine, just like they would a soda or a bag of chips. Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania finds that appalling.

“To begin with, they’re approving the sexual activity of their students — and they’re not providing the young ladies with the correct information about Plan B, about the morning-after pill,” Gramley explains. “If they are pregnant, it actually does not allow the implantation of the fertilized egg — and that’s just killing their baby.”

Ah, thereby doing some of Planned Parenthood’s work for it. (above emphasis is mine)

What’s next? Providing bedrooms on campus specifically for students to use by the hour?

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