November 17, 2005

Where Was The Mainstream Media?

It’s funny how liberals argue that the Mainstream Media(MSM) is either politically neutral or “right wing biased,” when anyone with an IQ in the single digits who can read or watch TV can see that the media are biased so far to the left that they totally ignore any relevant, hell, downright important information that doesn’t favor their liberal socialist reporting agenda.

They perpetuate disproven lies by ignoring their “disprovenness”{sorry about that one, but I had rather a late and actively social evening prior to today’s bright new period of consciousness}, so that even after an anti-Bush accusation is debunked, they continue to go with the original story.

Of course, the same can be said for the majority of Democrat politicians. It’s already been proven, for example, that Bush did not lie about the weapons of mass destruction(WMD)in Saddam’s Iraq. He acted on intelligence data that was corroborated even by the intelligence communities of numerous other countries and yet, funny as it seems, some of those same countries, even after voting “yea” on deposing Saddam, waffled at the Eleventh Hour, when they realized Dubya wasn’t playing games, and opposed the invasion.

Of course, some of those countries opposing, like France, were doing so because they had a lot of under-the-table deals going with the dictator, some of which were in direct violation of U.N. sanctions they themselves voted for, and there was, of course, the thieves’ gold mine called the Oil For Food Program, from which French officials profiteered in self-generous fashion.

Yet, our portside politicians and the MSM are still running the “Bush lied” myth. They do this because, sleazeballs that they are, they figure that if you repeat a lie enough, people will begin to accept it as truth. But then, Bill Clinton and his supporters, back at the end of the last century, showed us that the Democrats don’t have a problem with lying politicians, as long as they’re lying from the left.

Even so, there have been reports of WMDs out of Iraq, but the MSM and the liberals ignore them because such reports are contrary to the lies they employ in their never-ending assault on the Bush Administration.

For example, I don’t recall reading anything even remotely related to the discussion in this interview in any MSM venues.

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Bill Tierney, a former military intelligence officer and Arabic speaker who worked at Guantanamo Bay in 2002 and as a counter-infiltration operator in Baghdad in 2004. He was also an inspector (1996-1998) for the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) for overseeing the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles in Iraq. He worked on the most intrusive inspections during this period and either participated in or planned inspections that led to four of the seventeen resolutions against Iraq.

This interview of Bill Tierney by Jamie Glazov is a must read for anyone with even mild curiosity regarding the truth about the WMD in Iraq.

Here is an excerpt:

The Iraqis had stopped the third group of our inspection team before it could close off the back of the installation. A few minutes later, a soldier came from inside the installation, and all the other guards gathered around him. He said something, there was a big laugh, and all the guards relaxed. A few moments later there was a radio call from the team that had been stopped short. They could here truck engines through the tall (10”) grass in that area. When we were finally allowed in, our team went to the back gate. The Iraqis claimed the gate hadn’t been opened in months, but there was freshly ground rust at the gate hinges. There was a photo from overhead showing tractor trailers with missiles in the trailers leaving the facility.

When pressed, Tariq Aziz criticized the inspectors for not knowing the difference between a missile and a concrete guard tower. He never produced the guard towers for verification. It was during this period that Tariq Aziz pulled out his “no smoking gun” line. Tariq very cleverly changed the meaning of this phrase. The smoking gun refers to an indicator of what you are really looking for - the bullet. Tariq changed the meaning so smoking gun referred to the bullet, in this case the WMD, knowing that as long as there were armed guards between us and the weapons, we would never be able to “find,” as in “put our hands on,” the weapons of mass destruction. The western press mindlessly took this up and became the Iraqis’ tool. I will let the reader decide whether this inspection constitutes a smoking gun.

Of course, the Newspaper of Record would never consider the contents of this interview “fit to print.” It goes against their liberal, anti-America political agenda.

A great big hat tip to Kender.

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4 Responses to “Where Was The Mainstream Media?”

  1. Raven Says:

    I’ll be writing a post about this as well. Asking the NY Times to cover it. They won’t, as won’t ABC, NBC, CBS, ect.

  2. Seth Says:

    If they could somehow find a “Bush STILL lied and people STILL died theme, they’d “stop the presses” to get the story on the front page.

  3. Michael Says:

    ‘disprovenness’ I love it. your right on, selective broadcasting for the selective hearing.

  4. Seth Says:

    And the selectiveness of these asshats may well be the death of us. They keep the public’s collective mind reeling with a lot of B.S.(Plame, the DeLay indictment, etc) and keep attacking every Bush defense policy, deflecting or skirting really important national security issues.

    I was watching some Bill O’Reilly video at Fox, and he made some strong points about the former Soviets’ unsecured nukes vs the ease with which virtually anyone can stroll right across the Mexican border and into the U.S. with one.

    But who cares about that, right? The only news that’s “fit to print” is that which attacks the Bush Administration and opposes the War On Terror.

    When L.A., San Diego, El Paso, Cleveland or Kalamazoo suddenly bursts into flames and a few million Americans vaporize while going about their affairs, the MSM and the Democrat politicians damn well better realize that the fault for our allowing it to happen will lay largely with them.