November 11, 2005

Moving America Forward

Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward need our assistance, at least those of us who believe in America. Liberals{socialists, marxists, etc} need not apply, as they’d just as soon see the United States emulating the U.S.S.R. in their efforts to destroy America.

Fellow Americans,

Wednesday’s terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in three
hotels in Amman, Jordan demonstrates why it is so important for us to step
up the war against terrorism.

We either defeat the terrorists - by killing them overseas and showing
them that the United States will not back down - or else we will face
more terrorist attacks here at home.

Appeasement and surrender is no option. Just look at the streets of
Paris, France, which are lined with burning automobiles by Muslim youth
who feel slighted by the French government. Not only have they shot and
killed a police officer, but they also doused a woman in gasoline as
she attempted to escape the riots. She was on crutches, and thus could
not outrun the attackers. She now suffers burns on over 60% of her

Right now the most prominent frontline in America’s war against
terrorism is Iraq. And we MUST prevail there - even though some people are
determined to get the United States to give up and pull out of Iraq.

Friends, this is EXACTLY why we are running our radio ads across the
nation rallying Americans to support the war in Iraq.

We’ve so far raised a little more than $25,000 for these ads. That’s
simply not enough - especially since the ads will expand to markets
around the country NEXT WEEK. We must be well into the hundreds of
thousands of dollars to truly have an impact and give Americans the “shot in
the arm” to return to the fold and support the mission our military men
and women are serving in.

Let us please pull together and double the $25,000 we’ve raised in the
next 24 hours:

Or help us with a contribution via U.S. Mail:

Move America Forward
ATTN: Pro-Troop Holiday Ad Fund
P.O. Box 1497
Sacramento, CA 95812

Come on people, let’s step up our efforts.


Melanie Morgan
Chairman, Move America Forward

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