February 28, 2011

Oh, My!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am one of those that believe in the Constitution.

More importantly, I believe that those we elect to govern this great nation should view the Constitution as, as Seth once put it here at Hard Astarboard, their employee handbook.

Then along came a whole bunch of politicians over the last few decades who saw fit to reinterpret that august document to meet their very unconstitutional political agendas, the Obama Administration and the Pelosi/Reid Democrats by far the worst offenders.

They saddled us, among other things, with the dreaded Healthcare Bill.

This bill is like a festering rash that is increasingly difficult to eradicate, as the new Republican majority in the House is discovering, so now the states have had to take matters into their own hands. Given that the Healthcare Bill has absolutely no respect for states’ rights (which are of major import in the Constitution), they seem to have an uphill battle to negotiate.

With efforts to repeal the health care law stalling on Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers in states across the country are turning to another tool in the Constitution to try to limit the law’s reach — interstate compacts.

To backers, it’s almost like discovering a secret weapon hidden within the Constitution. Compacts, which are roughly like treaties between states, have the force of federal law, and a coalition of lawmakers and conservative activists and academics say they could just as easily be used to pry back from the federal government some areas of responsibility, including health care.

it’s almost like discovering a secret weapon hidden within the Constitution

This is tantamount to freedom loving Americans having to use portions of the Constitution to try and stave off forces of totally anti-America socialism coming from their own government, the same people who are supposed to be following the Constitution to begin with.

This strikes me as very wrong.

Shame on Obama and shame on every last one of those Democrats in Congress who have the audacity to describe themselves as Americans!

The whole article is here.

On another and lesser note, when Seth finally gets his already too-long problem out of the way and returns to join us in normal living, I somehow doubt that he’ll want to stay in New York, at least within the five boroughs.

Thanks to efforts by the little brat my husband calls “the pint sized Napoleonic maggot” (Michael Bloomberg), as of May 23rd, it will be illegal to smoke in public parks or concourses or on beaches within the jurisdiction of New York City.

This is the same mayor who elected himself transfat police, and whose administration couldn’t handle a simple snow emergency that went down on his watch. Yes, that one, the one who bribed the corrupt city council to allow him to run for a third term, whom Seth once said is doing his level best to tear the heart and soul out of New York before he leaves office.

While neither Wolf nor I smoke, Seth does (semi-copiously at times). For the last two and a half years, it’s been his only vice, believe it or not, as he actually quit consuming alcoholic beverages back then.

However, figuring what cigarettes cost in southern and some other states ($4.50 - $6.50) vs what they cost in New York City ($13.00 and change, I understand), it’s pretty obvious that the city and state collect at least $7.00 a pack in taxes. Now, there is no way you can tell me that between Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island anything less than a million packs a day are sold. So, that’s seven million times seven, or forty nine million a week?

Yet the same corrupt New York politicians who enjoy having all that tax money to waste and allocate to enterprises profiting their equally corrupt friends in the private sector are more than happy to oppress the same people who pay those taxes by making it more and more difficult to use the merchandise they pay all those taxes on.

You’ll notice that while they officially attack the rights of cigarette smokers, they won’t make tobacco products illegal and therefore lose all that tax revenue…

Anyway, that’s why I have the feeling that whenever he gets back to New York, Seth’s stay here will be relatively short. :-(

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