October 2, 2010

As I Mentioned In An Earlier Post…

…I’ll be out of the country for a bit.

Wolf will be with me, and we expect to be out of “Internet range”, as it were. It is possible that Chuck, who will be involved in what we’re up to but still in the U.S. may be able to post, but that all depends upon how occupied we keep him taking care of his end of things here.

I’ll post again as soon as I return.

– Seth

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5 Responses to “As I Mentioned In An Earlier Post…”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Stay out of trouble this time?

  2. BB-Idaho Says:

    Out of ‘internet range’? Hmm, welcome to the pantanel and enjoy your stay in the swamps of the Amazon. :)

  3. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    Having Wolf with me is sort of like having an SAS regiment along. No matter how hard I try, I don’t think he’ll let me have any fun. :-)


    BB –

    Now there’s a place I’d like to visit one day. It seems to make the Louisiana bayous look a little less challenging. ;-)

  4. Always On Watch Says:

    God speed!

  5. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    Thanks! :-)