August 30, 2010

It’s Not The Venue, It’s The Location, But…

…it seems that as they usually do, those who support a cause either because it fits an illogical or pronouncedly unpopular agenda of theirs or because they are, at least to some extent, obtuse, present arguments that intentionally omit the primary arguments expressed by their opposition.

This is certainly the case in the kerfuffle involving the intention to build a mosque in uncomfortably close proximity to Ground Zero.

From what I’m given to understand, there was already a mosque there, albeit a small one attended by local Muslims. However, the project at hand is for a large Islamic center, which, speaking for myself, is offensive. Not because I would deny Muslims a place of worship, but because the World Trade Center, having been destroyed along with thousands of lives in the name of Islam, is, like it or not, a memorial in itself not only to those who were murdered in the name of “The Religion of Peace” but also to those police, firefighters and others who lost their lives attempting, bravely and selflessly, to save those of others.

Erecting an Islamic center just there would be the same thing as raising a victory banner for Osama bin Laden and every other militant Islamofasist on earth, commemorating their victory (yes, to those sick f##ks, mass murder is a form of victory) over America and believers in liberty everywhere. Ergo, a very hard slap in the face to those of us who mourn the victims of 11 September 2001.

But I digress, as usual.

Getting back to the beginning of this post: I read letters to editors and opinions at other forums, again and again, whose writers accuse us detractors of racism, of wanting to deny Muslims a place of worship in Manhattan. These people are either obtuse, as I wrote above, or they are intentionally ignoring the true reasons for our opposition.

To them, I say: “It’s not the fact of a mosque being built in Manhattan, boneheads, it’s purely the location of the intended mosque.

The developer and the Imam involved are both well aware of this as well, and by their insistence on building it there no matter what the majority of New Yorkers and, for that matter, Americans feel about this they make it quite plain that they are ramming it down our throats for exactly the reason I stated above: To shove 9/11 in our faces, to remind us constantly that Muslims did it to us, to plant a victory flag right at the site of their grisly, destructive handiwork.

If this weren’t their sole set of reasons, they would have accepted the state-owned land in another location, offered by Governor Paterson, or sought a different location on their own when they realized that there was so much heartfelt mass opposition to the place at hand.

Once the project, which is strongly endorsed by Bloomberg the Weasel and various other multiculturalist toilet cakes who care not a whit about the will of the American people, has been completed, it will serve as Islamo-terrorists’ raised middle finger to all of us freedom loving Americans for all time.

It’s pretty obvious that once the damn thing is built and in use, its very existence, because of its location, will do more to provoke hostility against Muslims than many acts of terrorism, but rest assured that dhimmi ass hats like Bloomberg will blame small minds, bigotry and anything else that comes to mind, rather than their own ilk for enabling the completion of the project against the wishes of the majority of the voting, tax-paying public that pays them.

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7 Responses to “It’s Not The Venue, It’s The Location, But…”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Naturally, I seldom agree with WorldNetDaily…but the whole things smells of FoxNews .

  2. The Gray Monk Says:

    Once this became a politic issue you were all on a lose/lose ride to the inevitable outcome. If it doesn’t go ahead it will be labelled American Islamophobia and used to whip up even more anti-US feeling. If it does go ahead al Qaeda supporters everywhere will trumpet their ‘victory’ over the Dhimmi Americans and the Great Satan.

    You’ve little choice now - even your President can’t come down on the side of the majority any longer, he’s far to far in the control of the ‘Minority Interests take precendence over the Majority wishes’ camp now.

    Good luck, you’re all going to need it once these people start to spread their Islamic propaganda among the youngsters. Maybe forty years and you’ll all be living in a wonderful Islamic Republic…

  3. Seth Says:

    BB –

    Jeez! In the “What a tangled web we weave” Department…

    One thing I observe, though: Even with Murdoch’s showing in all this, unlike in “progressive” publications, journalists and commentators at Fox and WSJ are still free to do their jobs without having the facts or their opinions warped by propagandizing editors ala NYT or CNN.

    However, with a terrorism sponsoring organization in the financing/supporting mix, I think those of us who oppose the “Islamic Cultural Center” have had our point made for us. :-) — Ahem…


    Gray Monk –

    Maybe forty years and you’ll all be living in a wonderful Islamic Republic…

    Another reason I’m glad to be in my fifties. :-)

    With politics now taking precedence over patriotism or the good or will of the American people (courtesy of every last one of the miserable sleaze ball politicians in Washington, of both major parties), we’ll be lucky if Spanish, Arabic or even Hmong hasn’t become our official language long before then.

  4. The Gray Monk Says:

    Seth, I now live in Germany, even though it meant giving up language and a lot of other things, largely because Britain, England in particular, will be Islamic before I reach the great crossing - and I’m in my mid-60s…

    The politicians on all fronts will switch religions as soon as it becomes advantageous - just as the ancient Kings and nobles of Israel and Judah did around 2,500 years ago and just as every ruling family, dynasty and wealthy land/property/industrialist has done right down the ages. History repeats itself, only the faces and the places change - trace the famillies and you find the same people are always out front and ready to shift allegiance as soon as it is expedient.

    Hapsburg, Hohenzollern, Bourbon, Guelph, Katzenellenbogen, Romanov, von Turn und Taxis - the names undergo subtle modification, their ‘domicile’ changes, sometimes there’s a ’sacrifice’ to the mob, but most of them can be traced to the Romans, some even further to the Greeks and the Babylonians. The ‘Jardine’ family is based in Hong Kong and are reputedly the world’s wealthiest, though you won’t find anyone individual on a “Rich List’ because no one ever gets close enough. Jardine was the name adopted by an English merchant member of one of Europe’s largest and most powerful famillies in the 18th Century. Almost all his descendents are now Asian in appearance, but the family is connected to the French nobility and the English aristocracy and their lineage stretches back to the Roman nobility. With all these ‘famillies’ the money stays in the ‘family’ and they have ‘cousins’ and branches in every major nation on every continent.

    The ‘Family Businesses’ run the world economy, not the politicians, no matter what the Obamas, Blairs, Lenins and other newcomers and politicians of this world think - and the capital outflow from the US and the UK is gathering momentum, precisely because these ‘great families’ know that when the ‘Liberal/Left’ take over, its time to move the liquid assets and make sure the investments remain secure and out of reach of the morons who think they can ‘redistribute’ someone else’s money…

    Perhaps 40 years, maybe less. The clock is certainly ticking…

  5. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    That, my friend, is a scary thought, but it’s all true.

    I was watching a documentary DVD with some people the other day (don’t remember the title) that covered much the same territory as you have above, from the B’burgs on down, and it was pretty…scary.

    I don’t believe the words “beyond repair” would be unreasonable to apply.

  6. Always On Watch Says:

    The word “Cordoba” has great significance for the ummah. In fact, the word is code for Islamic supremacism.

  7. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    That figures {sigh}. Of course, if Bloomberg and the rest of the assorted dhimmis and general purpose PC types know this, they will be even more enthusiastic about having it built, probably even recommend adding ten more floors and financing it entirely out of the taxpayers’ money. :-(