July 28, 2010

Just A Quick One…

…coincidentally in the aftermath of U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s predictably anti-American (yes, I say anti-American because I don’t believe any judge who would, given the circumstances, rule as Bolton did on the Arizona immigration law signed by Governor Jan Brewer has any right to call herself an American — it’s too bad U.S. district judges can’t be replaced by illegal aliens, for a fraction of what we pay Ms. Brewer, of course) ruling, I was walking around in the neighborhood in which I grew up.

Forest Hills, in the Borough of Queens, New York.

When I was growing up here, the neighborhood was a mixture of nationalities, eastern European, Irish, German, various generation Americans, a few Asians, WASP, Jewish, Catholic. One thing we all had in common in those days (late 1950s through early 1970s), including the immigrant population, was that everybody could speak, read and write English. If they couldn’t when they arrived here, they certainly could by then.

But I digress: I was sort of flabbergasted when, earlier, a very frustrated guy (N.Y. accent, born in New York) came up to me right here in Forest Hills, asking for directions, and the first thing he said was, “Please, tell me you speak English!”

How bad are things getting, for crying out loud!?

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4 Responses to “Just A Quick One…”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Bad. In parts of London you don’t hear English at all and many shops don’t even bother putting up signs in English.

    The Liberal/Left feels that making everyone speak the language of the nation is “oppressive”. Watch them all change religion and become Muslims when the need arises.

  2. Always On Watch Says:

    Have you seen this? A bit off topic, but I thought you’d want to see the information.

  3. Always On Watch Says:

    I favor making English our official language and not hiring anyone who can’t speak English. Yes, Spanish major that I am, I’m a hardass about speaking English. ;)

  4. Seth Says:

    Gray Monk –

    I have seen something close to that in parts of Brooklyn, as well, and a few streets in Chinatown here where for years there is very little English on business’ signs.

    Now me, I think there ought to be a crackdown. Perhaps we should commence being as inhospitable as are the French (spit!) when they encounter people in their country who don’t speak their language.


    AOW –

    I’ve been sort of following the Staten Island thing.

    IMO, these thugs are targeting the wrong people. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone this kind of violence at all, however: If they feel they absolutely, positively MUST do such things, they ought to be targeting the s–mbags who HIRE illegals and the politicians who create sanctuary cities and states to protect illegal aliens from the law. If not for those two types of sleazeball, these criminal aliens would have no reason to be here.

    Yes, Spanish major that I am, I’m a hardass about speaking English.

    I have always loved Mexico, been all over there, Panama and a few other S.A. countries, as well as lived for a year in Puerto Rico, and in all those places made friends and enjoyed myself immensely. Nonetheless, illegal aliens are just that, whether they’re from Madagascar, Timbuktoo, Mexico, El Salvadore, China or Southeastern Belgium, and the word illegal is pretty self explanatory.

    It’s too bad so many of our politicians are so vocabulary challenged as to not understand the definition of the word. :-(