July 1, 2010

Gotta Put My Two Cents In On This One!

One of the pet peeves shared by both Seth and myself (Wolf could care less, he just shakes his head and mutters) is the idiocy that cell phones have introduced into our society.

These mindless young twits, male and female alike, who spend their every waking minute yakking on their cell phones, meandering along the sidewalks, unable to keep in a straight line and oblivious of their surroundings because their unending conversations absorb the vast bulk of their feeble attention spans; Interrupting the flow of pedestrian traffic, clogging lines at cash registers as they pay no attention to cashiers when it’s their turn to pay, blabbing their personal affairs into their PC devices in loud voices so that everybody within earshot is forced to hear all the sordid details…

I posted an article a few days ago related to “the cell phone menace“.

Well, now let’s get ridiculous.

From Congo to Cancer, Cell Phones Are Killing Machines, Sunday Columnists Argue

Reading the print edition of The New York Times can bring the paper’s strange priorities into focus. Both the left-hand and right-hand columns on Sunday’s op-ed page warned of the “carcinogenic” hazards and moral turpitude of owning cell phones.

On the left, the text box to Nicholas Kristof’s Sunday column “Death By Gadget” warned: “That smartphone you’re using may be financing killers and rapists.” Kristof was warning his readers that their fancy phones may contain tantalum (a rare metal) “peddled by a Congolese militia.”

On the right (or actually, the other left), Maureen Dowd’s column “Are Cells The New Cigarettes?” warned that cell phones could be giving you cancer. Dowd defended San Francisco’s crusading leftist mayor Gavin Newsom against the “brazenness of Big Business,” when a wireless association announced they may not hold their convention in San Francisco.

They should be sending Mayor Newsom a bottle of good California wine for caring about whether kids’ brains get fried, not leaving him worried about whether they’ll avenge themselves in his campaign for lieutenant governor.

Kristof and Dowd, just two more “progressive” twits. :-)

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2 Responses to “Gotta Put My Two Cents In On This One!”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Aw shucks, I was thinking about maybe getting one of those newfangled cell phones in 5-10 years. Guess I should wait? :)

  2. Chuck Says:


    LOL. In this April article on the dreaded tantalum, we see where the “boycott”, or whatever it is, has prompted, through decreased supply, a significant increase in the price of the stuff, like $20.00 US per pound.

    If I were one of those protesters, I’d go for a long position in it. :-)

    Aw shucks, I was thinking about maybe getting one of those newfangled cell phones in 5-10 years. Guess I should wait?

    I have one, and with all the use I get out of it, I might as well not. I just keep it for emergencies, but there don’t seem to be many of those around these days.