June 19, 2010

A Good American, “Liberal” Style

From The Israel Project:

A U.S. Justice Department document shows that Fenton Communications, a U.S. public relations firm, has been working for “Al Fakhoora,” a Qatar-based pro-Palestinian initiative that participated in the illegal flotilla to Gaza last month and urged action against Israel.

According the group’s director, Al Fakhoora has “launched an advocacy campaign to file legal charges against Israel and change the public perception in the West about its actions.”

Al Fakhoora is supported by the office of Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, the second wife of the emir of Qatar. According to a document filed by Fenton under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, Her Highness’ office agreed to pay Fenton approximately $240,000 for communications services rendered from March 1 – Aug. 31, 2010.

Fenton distributes materials through Al Fakhoora’s Web site, which includes a Facebook page and a “Flotilla Action Alert” urging activists to oppose Israel’s blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Israel considers Gaza-bound convoys a security risk and has implemented a maritime blockade on Gaza because of Hamas’ ongoing efforts to smuggle Iranian rockets and other weaponry since the Iran-backed group overthrew the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in a bloody coup there in June 2007. Historically, ships bound for Gaza have carried tons of weapons among their cargo. Click here for examples of previous Gaza-bound ships carrying weapons

Israel announced June 17 that it would ease restrictions on allowing in civilian goods via land crossings into Gaza and increase the flow of construction materials.[8] Despite Israel’s efforts to lift restrictions, ships from several countries, including Iran and Lebanon, have left or are planning to leave for Gaza in defiance of the blockade.

Al Fakhoora’s director, Farooq Burney, a Canadian national, was aboard a Turkish ship in the Gaza-bound convoy when passengers attacked Israeli military personnel trying to intercept the vessel May 31. Al Fakhoora participated in the flotilla in partnership with the Insani Yardim Vakfi, or “humanitarian relief fund” (IHH), a Turkish organization that Israel and other countries believe has ties to jihadist groups. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said that some of the passengers have connections with Al Qaeda, Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Looking further, it would seem that this Fenton character truly is
an exemplary “progressive.”

Fenton Communications?

• Foremost public relations firm of the political left
• Past clients have included Marxist dictatorships in Central America
• Represents environmentalist groups, pro-Democratic political action committees, labor unions, and the anti-war movement
• Launched misleading media campaigns against Alar and silicone breast implants

Founded in 1982 by activist and public relations veteran David Fenton, Fenton Communications (FC) is the leading advertising and public relations firm for advocacy groups on the political left, with locations in Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco.

FC serves as an “umbrella” for “three independent nonprofit organizations” which it co-founded. These include: Environmental Media Services, which manages publicity efforts for environmental groups; New Economy Communications, a social justice group; and the Death Penalty Information Center, an anti-death penalty lobby.

FC expressly refuses to represent “clients and projects that we don’t believe in ourselves.” Among the clients and projects that FC has worked for are Marxist-Leninist regimes in Central America and Africa, environmental groups, labor unions, and anti-war organizations. In addition, FC has offered its services to pro-Democrat political action committees and law firms, as well as to political campaigns against the death penalty and gun-ownership rights.

Throughout the 1980s, FC represented a number of Marxist governments and their supporters. Most prominent among these was the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, which the firm defended against foreign criticism while casting its internal opponents — the Contra guerrillas — as “death squads.” David Fenton acknowledged earning $100,000 annually for three years from contracts with Sandinista authorities.

FC also conducted publicity campaigns on behalf of Grenada’s Marxist dictator Maurice Bishop and El Salvador’s Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organization, the FMLN.

Fenton and Fenton Communications are a perfect example of communists abusing the liberty enjoyed under the Constitution in order to undermine the American way of life: Our freedoms, our sensibilities, our very rights.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Fenton: Birds of a feather.

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5 Responses to “A Good American, “Liberal” Style”

  1. Simeon Says:


    Now all progressives are communists and terrorist supporters, LOL.

    Hey, Chuck, this Fenton is too far “left” for 99 out of 100 of the most liberal people I know, by the sound of him.

    How does it happen that you manage to catch every non-Republican who’s a little to the left of the mainstream progressive and set him up as a “prime example” of all of us?

  2. Harry Says:

    all progressives are communists and terrorist supporters

    Simeon, whether you say you do or not, every vote for a far left liberal is a vote for terrorism and communism. That doesn’t mean that you personally endorse the two, but the candidates you do support, if they’re like Obama, Nancy Pelosi or any of that crowd, do endorse them.

    You will notice, for instance, that none of the policies embraced by either of those two politicians denotes any respect for the Constitution, which is the enemy of communism.

    The present policy of the U.S. government surely doesn’t bear any similarity to any policy that might actually be geared toward protecting the country from terrorism, nor of even calling the terrorists terrorists, for that matter.

    So your point is what, exactly?

  3. Simeon Says:

    Harry, can you say “fanatical-right-wing-ex-trem-ist”?

  4. Harry Says:


    Me, I’m just a well bred, well adjusted, patriotic American kind of guy. :-)

  5. Chuck Says:


    Best I can do for you here is to refer you to my latest post. :-)



    You fanatical, right wing extremist, you! :-)