June 17, 2010

“Progressive” What? Fascism?

One of the things that demonstrates the intolerance of the self styled “tolerant” left is their “either you agree with every last piece of doctrine we preach, not 1/4, 1/2 or even 90%, but all, or you are the enemy.”

Their rejection of Joe Lieberman, which didn’t work out as they’d hoped, was a prime example (deprived of the Democratic nomination after expressing views on Iraq that didn’t agree with the “party line,” he ran as an independent and was reelected to the Senate despite their pre-adolescent actions).

Or, try getting a foot in the door in the film industry, which is dominated by some of the most spacey left wing loons on earth, if it is known you are a patriotic American.

Here, we have Hard Astarboard’s all time favorite sheriff, Joe Arpaio; well, let’s let the Washington Times tell it

Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio is known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” but he has a secret that not many people outside Arizona know: He loves little critters, like puppies and kittens.

Honored for his humanitarian efforts by the Humane Society of the United States, he also received the lifetime achievement award from the nonprofit group In Defense of Animals for his work encouraging police agencies nationwide to take more seriously the crimes of animal cruelty.

He puts animal abusers in jail instead of giving them citations.

The sheriff even has dedicated an air-conditioned jail solely as a sanctuary for dogs, cats and other animals that have been removed by his deputies from abusive and neglectful homes. He began a training program for some of his female inmates to learn how to care for, groom and train those very animals.

So you might imagine how disappointed he was when President Becky Barnes of Guide Dog Users Inc. (GDUI) booted him as the keynote speaker for its July national convention in Phoenix because of his tough stance on immigration enforcement and the state’s pending immigration law.

“This group says it isn’t involved in politics. Well, clearly they are,” Sheriff Arpaio said. “The local group, Arizona Council of the Blind, petitioned the national board to have me removed, and for what, because they don’t want me to enforce Arizona’s immigration laws? They are out of step with our citizenry; shame on them.”

because of his tough stance on immigration enforcement and the state’s pending immigration law

That’s exactly what I mean. It doesn’t matter that the reason they originally invited him to speak had everything to do with his and their common interest in protecting animals from abuse and giving them good homes, not immigration enforcement issues, the hypocrites on the left believe that unless you agree one hundred per cent with their politics and act accordingly, you should be excommunicated from the human race.

Yeah, yeah, these pieces of feces can say that they have:

…concerns about the invitation based on their view of Sheriff Arpaio’s policies and perceived concerns over security at the event.

Security, right. Of course, if lefties didn’t lie, they’d have very little to say.

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4 Responses to ““Progressive” What? Fascism?”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Considered refusing to donate to these “charities” until they drop the politics? I do, the Red Cross gets not one penny from me for this very reason and the same for National Trust, RSPCA and several others.

    BTW, take a look at my post for yesterday Chuck, I wonder what your take on these people is? http://thegraymonksscriptorium.blogspot.com/2010/06/gaza-blockade-runners.html

  2. Chuck Says:

    Gray Monk,

    I certainly wouldn’t give to any of these left wingers, especially since if you look at the bottom of the literature many of them hand out, in tiny print they usually “reserve the right” to donate funds they’ve collected to political parties and/or campaigns.

    You could donate money to some fund whose goal is cleaning up polluted rivers and your hard earned cash may end up in the pocket of some filthy, lying, propagandizing, socialist sympathizing politician like the Wicked Witch of the House, Nancy Pelosi.


    Spot-on posts!

    I tried commenting on one, but for some reason the comment wasn’t accepted.

    I had a tiny difference with a part of the Israel one, in the “amends” part — Israel has done quite a bit more than most other countries might have since becoming a sovereign state (except maybe what the U.S. did for Japan and Germany after beating them in WW II) for the Palestinians from 1948 onward, but they continually get bad press by “journalists” with a political bone to pick.

    For example, one such prevaricator at the Washington Post, as refuted here by The American Thinker blog:


    An excerpt:

    I don’t know about vinegar on Israel’s list of prohibited goods, but Zacharia’s assertion that Israel has banned school supplies from entering Gaza is patently false. Israel regularly has facilitated the transfer of notebooks, school bags, textbooks and other school supplies. And 200,000 laptops are on the way to Gaza students. Also, in the first quarter of this year, Israel sent into Gaza 250 truckoads of summer-camp supplies, including swimming pools.

    None of this appears in Zacharia’s dispatch. Nor does she report that in 2009, Israel moved 738,000 tons of food and supplies into Gaza, a 180 percent increase over the 2008 total. Those supplies included medicines and medical equipment, meat, chickens, fish, grains, legumes, oil, flour, salt, sugar, fresh vegetables, dairy products, animal feed, hygiene products and clothing.

    Also missing from her distorted, biased picture is the transfer in 2009 of more than 10,000 Gaza patients and their companions into Israel for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

    This isn’t merely a case of Zacharia presenting a glass-half-empty picture. Her distorted glass barely has a few drops in it.

    As for dual-use supplies, like iron and cement, while Israel has started to allow some construction and fabrication items into Gaza under international supervision, Zacharia fails to point out that Israel’s security doesn’t permit a totally unrestricted flow because Hamas would tap such supplies to rebuild its military infrastructure.

    Further examples of what she fails to report: Life expectancy in Gaza is 73.68 years — longer than in Estonia, Malaysia, Jamaica or Bulgaria. Gaza’s infant mortality rate is 17.71 per 1,000 children — better than China’s, Jordan’s, or Thailand’s.

    Zacharia, however, is only interested in smacking Israel. So she gets an incendiary quote from a Boston University professor, Augustus Richard Norton, accusing Israel of preventing exports of agricultural goods from Gaza. False, again. Last year, Gaza exported great quantities of cut flowers and citrus goods to Israel, Egypt and the West Bank, plus 54 tons of strawberries.

    But when you’re on an anti-Israel binge, truth-in-reporting gets shoved aside.

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    Yup, I accept all of what you say, but do know a Palestinain Christian family now living in Bethlehem whose home was “confiscated” in 1949 and they have never received any compensation. The Christian communities there are caught in the crossfire all the time. Israel could take a less draconian approach to them and probably win a lot of friends by doing so.

  4. Chuck Says:

    Gray Monk,

    I have heard that before and it is unfortunate, but, and I don’t say this with a cynical intention, that is the kind of thing that happens in such places and situations.

    I concur with you that it would make more sense — and friends — if they did compensate the Christian family.