May 23, 2010

Not Only No Respect

That’s right, folks, none whatsoever.

What the heck’s Chuck talking about!?

Lemme ’splain: We already know that the Obama Administration and the nucleus of liberal Democrats that keeps Congress in line across there on the far left side of the aisle not only have no respect for the Constitution, they hold the great document in contempt!

We already know that the leftie “we” elected president in November 2008 not only has no respect, but also a whole lot of contempt for the concept of America as a world leader: He seems to believe we belong somewhere down there among the quagmire of socialism and failing economics that defines modern day Europe.

But…Obama also has no respect for the sovereignty of the United States of America. Of late, it seems everyone from communist China and Mexico has been welcomed by the left to weigh in on the United States’ internal issues.

On Thursday, Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, where prohibitive gun laws prevent good people from having firearms for protection against criminals and governments of dubious legitimacy (historically the norm in Mexico), encouraged Congress to reinstate the federal “assault weapon” ban. With a warning seemingly designed to appeal to those who believe that speaking out against the Obama Administration’s policies are one step short of sedition or worse, Calderon said, “[I]f you do not regulate the sale of these weapons in the right way, nothing guarantees that criminals here in the United States with access to the same power of weapons will not decide to challenge American authorities and civilians.”

Calderon also misinformed Congress, claiming that violence in Mexico rose significantly after the U.S. ban expired in 2004. In fact, Mexico’s murder rate has been stable since 2003 and remains well below rates recorded previously. However, he did not explain why violent crime has declined significantly in the U.S. since the ban expired, or how a ban on flash suppressors and bayonet mounts relates to drug thugs in Mexico or anywhere else.

Notwithstanding the Washington Post’s judgment that Calderon “made a powerful case,” we suspect his speech fell on mostly deaf ears in Congress and in Arizona, which he inappropriately criticized for having an illegal immigration enforcement law that is similar to Mexico’s. But it had some effect, however. New York Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy issued a statement incorrectly claiming that she has repeatedly introduced legislation to “reinstate” the ban. She has repeatedly introduced legislation, of course, but not to reinstate the ban. Rather, her bills have proposed to apply the “assault weapon” label to far more firearms than were covered by the expired ban, including the M1 Garand service rifle, the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22, and any semi-automatic shotgun or rifle a future attorney general might claim is not “sporting.”

Since when is it that a corrupt piss ant leader of a corrupt shithole is accorded the privilege of advising us on what laws to enact, whether or not they are employing false datum in their arguments?

Since Obama!

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2 Responses to “Not Only No Respect”

  1. Simeon Says:

    Obviously, there are two different schools of thought at work in this country.

    Those on your side of the never ending political debate, Chuck, apparently have little if any sympathy for people whose lives are not as privileged as yours or mine.

    Speaking for myself, while I’m not wealthy by any means, I am educated and enjoy a fairly comfortable lifestyle, both courtesy of my having been born and raised in America.

    But what about those people who, born and bred in Mexico in poor circumstances, with families to support yet without the means to do so (no available work, no prospects for any in even the farflung future)?

    We call them criminals, simply because they come across the border for the sole purpose of feeding themselves and their families.

    How would you deal with the kind of desperation these poor souls face on what could easily be termed a hereditary basis?

    I see the Democrats as the party of the sympathetic, the humane, who take pity on these refugees from Mexico, whereas you and those who believe as you do obviously don’t even see them as human beings with human survival needs.

    Perhaps Calderon, whose government does not possess the economic strength to take care of his country’s poor as we do, makes a good point, if for no other reason than that more should be expected from the United States, because we are eminently more bountiful.

    I see President Obama as a man who believes that candid dialogue between nations can be mutually beneficial, not as the traitor you seem to believe him to be.

  2. Chuck Says:


    Most conservatives have no problem with the immigrants, per se, and completely understand that they are here to escape poverty and starvation.

    However, it is the duty of our government to look after the wellbeing of our country and the American people as a priority, which is one reason why we have immigration laws.

    Illegal immigration has put a very large dent in our economy, causing significant unemployment, closing hospitals or overcrowding emergency rooms with people who the law says are not supposed to be here, seen the sending of billions in illegally earned, untaxed sums out of our country and our economy to benefit the economies of other countries.

    We blame our government, not the illegals, for not doing its job, and we blame those that hire illegals in order to obtain cheap labor.

    But these folks have to be deported.

    I, personally, am for racial profiling when it comes to this issue or terrorism, much moreso than the Arizona law, which is not for profiling despite the ulterior motive oriented liberal line, dictates.

    Calderone, like every Mexican president in history, runs a corrupt government that doesn’t give a damn about the poor people in its country. However, that is not as much our concern as it is their citizens’, whose responsibility it truly is to take their own government in hand and make whatever changes they need to make, at whatever risks it takes.

    Having an asshole like Calderone participating in a forum on the shortcomings of Arizona’s law or any other internal U.S. issue is beneficial to no one, least of all the U.S.A.

    Have you any idea how Mexico treats illegal immigrants from South America?

    As far as Obama’s concerned, I can see nothing, not one thing, that he’s done that reflects the Constitution or any of the values upon which this great country was founded.

    Truthfully, can you? If so, please let me know.