May 6, 2010

As Much As I Dislike Posting Positively About Obama…

…I have to give credit where credit is due, even if it hurts (ouch!).

To tell you the truth, I’m somewhat impressed.

While our socialist president and his administration are beyond weak where homeland security is concerned (I wouldn’t hire Janet Napolitano as a security guard in a pet shop), Barack Hussein apparently realizes how important it is that we win in Afghanistan.

As I posted once before, a loss in Afghanistan would mean that the Taliban and their al-Qaeda butt buddies would be in a position to join their Islamofacist allies in Pakistan and help those evil Mohammedans overthrow the government in Islamabad (yes, Islam is bad, but that’s beside the point).

That, in turn, would give the forces of Islamofacism possession of a nuclear armed country from which to employ said nuclear arms in their war against We, The Infidels and as we know, those madmen and madmanettes wouldn’t hesitate, just as Ahmadmanjihad in Iran won’t hesitate once he’s got his nukes on-line and on the business ends of appropriate delivery systems, to commence a nuclear holocaust.

But once again, I digress.

From today’s L.A. Times:

The CIA received secret permission to attack a wider range of targets, including suspected militants whose names are not known, as part of a dramatic expansion of its campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan’s border region, according to current and former counter-terrorism officials.

The expanded authority, approved two years ago by the Bush administration and continued by President Obama, permits the agency to rely on what officials describe as “pattern of life” analysis, using evidence collected by surveillance cameras on the unmanned aircraft and from other sources about individuals and locations.

Yes, B. Hussein Obama, demonstrating something of the will to beat the Taliban, has continued the use of drones to wax terrorists who are badly in need of waxing, in an effort to wage a winning war, despite the fact that this kind of thing would seem to be totally counter to the sort of Queensbury Rules approach most “progressives” would prefer to apply to a war against a profoundly malevolent enemy who is chaffing at the bit to butcher every infidel, man, woman and child, they can lay hands on.

The information then is used to target suspected militants, even when their full identities are not known, the officials said. Previously, the CIA was restricted in most cases to killing only individuals whose names were on an approved list.

The new rules have transformed the program from a narrow effort aimed at killing top Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders into a large-scale campaign of airstrikes in which few militants are off-limits, as long as they are deemed to pose a threat to the U.S., the officials said.

Instead of just a few dozen attacks per year, CIA-operated unmanned aircraft now carry out multiple missile strikes each week against safe houses, training camps and other hiding places used by militants in the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan.

As a matter of policy, CIA officials refuse to comment on the covert drone program. Those who are willing to discuss it on condition of anonymity refuse to describe in detail the standards of evidence they use for drone strikes, saying only that strict procedures are in place to ensure that militants are being targeted. But officials say their surveillance yields so much detail that they can watch for the routine arrival of particular vehicles or the characteristics of individual people.

“The enemy has lost not just operational leaders and facilitators — people whose names we know — but formations of fighters and other terrorists,” said a senior U.S. counter-terrorism official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We might not always have their names, but … these are people whose actions over time have made it obvious that they are a threat.”

Great! Kill ‘em all, or as close as you can come…

At any rate, I just thought that a president with whose every other aspiration for America and every other policy I take unmitigated umbrage should get at least two “attaboys” and one “way to go” for not discontinuing this particular Bush-initiated strategy.

President Bush secretly decided in his last year in office to expand the program. Obama has continued and even streamlined the process, so that CIA Director Leon E. Panetta can sign off on many attacks without notifying the White House beforehand, an official said.

Missile attacks have risen steeply since Obama took office. There were an estimated 53 drone strikes in 2009, up from just over 30 in Bush’s last year, according to a website run by the New America Foundation that tracks press reports of attacks in Pakistan. Through early this month, there had been 34 more strikes this year, an average of one every 3 1/2 days, according to the site’s figures.

{Above emphasis mine}

Go get ‘em, B. Hussein. Kill ‘em all, and let Allah sort ‘em out!

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5 Responses to “As Much As I Dislike Posting Positively About Obama…”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Barack Hussein apparently realizes how important it is that we win in Afghanistan.


    But I’m having a difficult time trusting him or the reports as to his clamping down on Afghanistan.

    Call me “cynic,” I guess. So much smoke and mirrors going on with the BHO administration.

  2. Seth Says:

    AOW –

    One of my theories there is that, playing politics as usual and as such having set a sort of tentative withdrawal deadline, O is scrambling to remain within the parameters of his politics while giving our military the strongest edge he can, gambling that we might be able to win over there before his “deadline”, thus saving him the (I believe inevitable) choice between pulling out or staying ’til we win.

    He’s got to know that a nuclear Pakistan in the hands of Islamofacists, which would be the next domino to fall if we lose Afghanistan, would really complicate his life for him.

    That poor Islamomarxist, things just might not go his way, after all… :-(

  3. BB-Idaho Says:

    Current admin has more than doubled boots on ground in Afghanistan.
    (Recall when the Soviets did that?). Then there is the complicated
    ‘Petreaus Theory’: kill one, make five more. Throw in the poppy agribusiness, the old-fashioned tribalism, and as you note, the Pakistan nukes…McCain was right; US troops there for the next fifteen generations. Perhaps the TeaParty can figure it all out…

  4. Seth Says:

    BB –

    That’s why I think O may be pursuing a way to have his cake and eat it.

    While he speaks of a pullout deadline, he attempts to increase our odds of winning, hoping to pull off a miracle and somehow win soon enough to put the war behind him, to appease his pacifist constituents.

    Ain’t happening, we will be there for a long time to come, or we’ll lose the whole shooting match, including Pakistan (to a nuclear terrorist regime).

    We should be finding and napalming the poppy fields.

    Perhaps the TeaParty can figure it all out…

    Nah, not their job. They’re busy saving our liberty and getting rid of the corrupt leftist politicians. :-)

  5. BB-Idaho Says:

    Taliban & TeaParty: got a couple acquaintances, one spent a couple years with beard & turban, eating sheep and whatever else Special Forces do up in those Afghan mts. The other is overjoyed that he
    is getting full him more time to organize TeaParty
    rallies. Odd world.