May 6, 2010

The Democrats And Their Masters Of The Far Left…

…couldn’t blame George W. Bush enough for the federal response to Katrina, expending so much hot air that one has to wonder if perhaps that’s where they discovered what they thought was evidence of global warming, yet here we learn that Osama Ooops, sorry, Mohammed Damn! Sorry again, wait, I got it…Saddam Whoops, okay, B. Hussein Obama, Janet Napolitano and their Khoir of Kommunism aren’t even bothering to adequately fund and staff what is arguably the most effective (when staffed and funded to the point of operational status) search & rescue/ maritime emergency response organization in this nation.

I’m talking about the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard’s plans to cut 1,100 uniformed personnel in 2011 and reduce some of its missions at a time it must respond to an enormous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico certainly highlight the stark choices Coasties face over the next few years. Meanwhile, the Navy is moving into the littoral and increasing its focus on anti-drug and anti-piracy operations, raising questions about just what the Coastie’s future roles and missions will be. Robbin Laird, a defense consultant who has been working on Coast Guard issues, penned the following commentary about the Coast Guard and its future.

The Coast Guard is being starved of resources just when the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico seems to demonstrate again just how important the service’s expertise is in responding to such events.

The Obama administration is not fully funding for catastrophic spill equipment for the Coast Guard. And with elimination of the Coast Guard’s national strike fleet coordination center at Elizabeth City, North Carolina next year, the nation will lose a vital organization that manages all Coast Guard responses, and is also the key player for inter-agency coordination and leadership of scores of state and local, commercial and NGO responders.

Those groups play vital roles in preventing and responding to spills. Success requires the authorities possessed by the Coast Guard, highly competent people to run it and adequate equipment. The Coast Guard is the only maritime organization that can do these jobs on the vital waterways of our country and it does not have enough assets to do the job in the Gulf of Mexico, where a BP oil rig exploded last week, killing 11 and creating an enormous oil spill that threatens the Gulf Coast.

As a senior Coast Guard official commented in a New Orleans interview 10 days before the explosion that “we have not enough inspectors and inadequate numbers of ships and helos to secure the emerging deep water oil enterprise being built off of the Gulf Coast. This enterprise will be further and deeper than the current offshore oil drilling.

These facilitates will not only drill oil, but will process oil at sea. We must go further than we normally do to regulate and work with the private sector in this area.”

The Coast Guard has worked within its limits to deal with the crisis. The Department of Homeland Security’s leadership has not responded to the crisis by trying to get the USCG more deployed assets. Instead, the Administration has deployed Navy assets and has scurried to find private inspectors they can hire on a temporary basis to deal with the crisis.

The men and women of the Coast Guard are highly capable, brave and dedicated people, but like most services, they need to be properly equipped and their units realistically manned in order to do their job.

At this rate, it’ll be late January, 2013 before our government has its priorities straight!

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2 Responses to “The Democrats And Their Masters Of The Far Left…”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    Feds are supposed to be cutting spending, but USCG is the last place we should be doing that.

  2. Seth Says:

    BB –

    …but USCG is the last place we should be doing that.

    Durn right!

    These politicians would rather shrink the budgets on programs or agencies that protect the public than on pet projects that ultimately consume a lot more of the taxpayer’s dinero(a little espanyole, thar).

    Now me, I’d just as soon see O cut his own and his cronies’ protective budgets than the rest of ours’.