May 1, 2010

Speaking of Arizona…

Law officers backed by helicopters hunted gunmen in Arizona’s desert early Saturday after a sheriff’s deputy was wounded by suspected illegal immigrants believed to be smuggling marijuana, officials said. The violent episode came amid nationwide debate over the state’s tough new immigration law.

You mean, the old federal law they haven’t been enforcing?

Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll was patrolling alone Friday afternoon in a rugged area near Interstate 8, about 50 miles south of Phoenix, when he came upon a band of suspected smugglers, authorities said.

At least one of five suspects opened fire on the 53-year-old lawman, tearing a chunk of skin from just above his left kidney. The officer was found after a frantic hour long search, Pinal County sheriff’s Lt. Tamatha Villar said.

Under Obama and Napolitano, it is possible for Americans to actually die of politics.

The shooting was likely to add fuel to an already fiery national debate sparked last week when Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law cracking down on illegal immigration in the state.


The new law’s passage came amid increasing anger in Arizona about violence, drug smugglers, illegal immigration drop houses and other problems that some say are caused by poor border security. The issue gained focus a month ago when a southern Arizona rancher was shot and killed by a suspected illegal border crosser.

But the Obama Administration, along with Napolitano, could care less about protecting the American people, their families and their property when more important politics is afoot.

One wonders when these people who refuse to do their necessary jobs will stop trying to interfere with those who want to do it.

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2 Responses to “Speaking of Arizona…”

  1. Harrigan246 Says:

    “Under Obama and Napolitano, it is possible for Americans to actually die of politics.”

    LMFAO!!!! That is so true.

    It’s pretty sad that so many idiots come out of the gene pool that there is actually a national “issue” about what Arizona has rightly enacted.

    How can any of these asswipe liberals in other states, or even in Arizona for that matter, OR in the W.H., attack Arizona for doing nothing more than producing an in-state law to enforce a FEDERAL law already on the books?

  2. Seth Says:

    Harrigan –

    It’s pure politics, the “elite” liberals fishing for Latino votes, the rank & file rankly filing behind…

    See my next post, just now published. :-)