September 5, 2005


Saturday was pretty laid back compared to the previous days of my stay here in Chicago, slept in, had a long lunch in Germantown with a friend– we went to a Mexican eatery called Garcia’s that she was raving about, a quiet little neighborhood establishment. The food was good, the neighborhood worth exploring, which we did.

Quaint, a lot of old shops of the type that have been mostly replaced in other areas and cities by newer businesses with only a fraction of the charactar of Germantown’s own. Two traditional delis on the same block, a Greek restaurant with outdoor tables, an old German sausage store, an open plaza with a fountain, shops that sold pewter and glass and really interesting blown glass goods, a couple of German brauhauses my friend, who had lived in the neighborhood for many years, told me were great places to hang out at. So we had a couple of beers at one.

That night, I had some folks here in my suite for drinks and it turned into an all night party, finally ending after sunrise, so I ended up sleeping well into Sunday afternoon and spent yesterday around the hotel recuperating, as it were, then the evening included a hearty room service dinner of penne pasta in a sauce that was abundant with Italian sausage, and molten lava cake for dessert followed by a couple of hours at the bar before going to bed early in order to get up early.

I’m flying to Washington, D.C. today, and I tend to like getting up really early when I have a plane to catch{it’s 5:30 am}.

Tomorrow the counter-rally for Judge Roberts begins, and I’ll be there from start to finish. My first political rally, I’m really looking forward to it, and wondering what surprises there might be due to the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist. A lot of the liberal wingnuts are already yelling for a postponement of the confirmation vote, citing both the time proximity of the disaster in the south{they claim it will mean too much on Bush’s plate at one time, but as we have seen, this president and his cabinet are more than capable of extreme multitasking – and George Bush isn’t a senator, he won’t be voting anyway – and what some of them term "irreverence" in timing because of Mr. Rehnquist’s sudden passing}.

Is the latter a hoot, or what? Democrats concerned about irreverence! Here are people who have no problem using dead military personnel, funerals, natural disasters and any other grave circumstances to press their partisan political agendas, and they’ve got the moxi to want us to believe they give a flying f— about irreverence? Gimme a break!

These are people who accuse Bush of failing the people of New Orleans and making a racial issue out of the Katrina horror instead of attaching blame where it belongs, like to the black mayor of New Orleans who let his own people down by not doing his job by adhering to disaster response plans, instead slinking quickly away to safety in Baton Rouge, and the equally useless governor of Louisiana, who was as impotent in her own response as former liberal California Governor Gray Davis was to the exponentially less cataclismic energy crisis we had out there a few years ago.

These are people who, because it fits into their political agenda, ignore the fact that responding to the havoc wrought by Katrina was the direct responsibility of those local excuses for political leaders, not Bush. Democrats’ failure resulted in misery and death on a massive scale, and now they want to blame Bush. The left grows more pathetic by the hour, it makes me feel ashamed that these folks are somehow entitled to call themselves Americans.

That said, I’ll post some more from Washington, D.C.   

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2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. NYgirl Says:

    Luck you. I’m so jealous. Make sure you take lots of pictures & a video camera. I’m waiting to hear the report.

  2. Seth Says:

    Report:Rally delayed due to a delay in the confirmation hearings, today(Wednesday) is Chief Justice Rehnquist’s funeral, things may commence tomorrow, I’m waiting for word.NYGirl, I now have a digital camera, waiting for a chance to use it.They’d better get things off the ground, because I absolutely positively have to be in Orlando on the 12th.