March 30, 2010

It would seem…

…that the bad guys really are winning.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which posted hundreds of civilian volunteers along the U.S.-Mexico border over the past five years, has disbanded, citing what it called “rising aggression” in the country and decisions by lawmakers in Washington who have “pushed amnesty down our throats.”

“The mental attitude of many Americans is turning meaner … and we are concerned that this could cause problems,” MCDC President Carmen Mercer told The Washington Times on Monday. “You see aggression surfacing even at the tea party marches. We just did not want to deal with the liability anymore.

“We have to protect the ranchers as well as the volunteers,” Ms. Mercer said, noting the killing on Saturday of Robert Krentz, a prominent Douglas, Ariz., rancher who was shot along with his dog on his ranch by a suspected illegal immigrant who fled into Mexico and remains a fugitive.

Nothing like a government run by people who apparently believe that their mission in life is to destroy the country they “govern” by any means they deem necessary.

“From the surveillance videos we have gathered in the field over the past six months, it is more than evident the violators of our borders seem to have been given carte blanche permission to willfully violate our public safety,” the message said.

She also said that the MCDC volunteers would be returning to the border to tell Mr. Obama that his immigration policy is wrong and to send a message to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that she is “an unqualified buffoon who risks the lives of American citizens every day she is the head of DHS.”

Emphasis mine.

…an unqualified buffoon who risks the lives of American citizens every day she is the head of DHS. Spot on!

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2 Responses to “It would seem…”

  1. Raven Says:

    Doesn’t this just frost the cake? These morons in charge of the country are doing everything in their power to tear down walls, borders, lives…along with jobs, health care resources and whatever. I just sit back and mourn…I have so little to say about it all these days. It’s very depressing, and maddening.

  2. Seth Says:

    Raven –

    This is why I believe that the bad guys (meaning those who, by design, threaten the very foundations of our country from within) are winning. With the aid of a media that has no idea what it’s doing, not only to the rest of the nation, but to itself, we’ve elected what amounts to a Marxist-run government so set on making America an entity of the past that they’re willing to go easy on our avowed enemies and ignore every voice of reason with the firm declaration that “the debate’s over” without any debate having even occurred.

    Obama is so devoted to his lefty politics that he would rather place a clueless portside fellow traveller in charge of our security than appoint a competent, knowledgeable professional to the position who might not embrace the same political agendas.

    The Minutemen’s situation is a perfect example. They have been a fly in the ointment to the “progressivess’” open border policies and therefore had to be taken out of the picture without the government taking any overt action that might have enraged the voters.