February 16, 2010

First, Second, Third

Chuck here.

First, I’ve gotta’ say, I have got to get me one of these!

Second, I’m certainly pleased to be on the west coast at this time, because being on the east coast or in the deep south, the latter a place where one has rarely seen any snow in the past, means falling victim to an overdose of global warming.

ATLANTA (AP) — The Big Chill turned into the Big Dig on Saturday for many Southerners — the Americans who least expect to open their doors to see up to a foot of snow.

Some stayed indoors a day after the storm moved out to sea, while others turned icy streets and snow-covered parks into sledding playgrounds. Many who tried to dig out found shovels in short supply at home improvement stores.

Tens of thousands of people lost power in Texas and South Carolina, and thousands of others were left stranded by airline flight cancellations.

The National Weather Service says Dallas got 12.5 inches of snow, while Harkers Island, N.C., got 8.8 inches, Belleville, Ala., got 6 inches, Foreman, Ark., got 4 inches and Atlanta got more than 3 inches.

OOOOOH, dogie!

Third and finally, I was having an interesting telephone conversation with Seth earlier, and we touched on the decision by Evan Baye not to seek reelection.

Like all the other Democrats who have made the same decision, he of course cited some logical reasons for the move. Congress has become too partison, to the point of gridlock, it’s time to serve the people in a more private capacity, etc. Some may say they merely wish to spend more quality time with their families, yaddayaddayadda…

The truth, of course, which they will never admit, is simple:

Between Osama Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a few others, who attempted to bury our republic to the point of smothering it in far left agendas despite the will of the bulk of the American people, the Democrats have destroyed their own party. A Republican wave is on its way in, a Republican majority is on its way back. November, 2010 and November, 2012 will see to that.

No, all these Democrats are merely rats deserting a sinking ship. Period.

Having said that, both Seth and myself have misgivings about the aftermath.

That is, did the Republicans learn anything from their loss of the majority back in election 2006?

Neither of us considers the people on the right side of the aisle’s current tooth and nail opposition to the left wing legislation we’ve been asaulted with over the last year or so as any indication that any lesson was learned. All they’re doing now is fighting for their political lives.

What remains to be seen is what they’ll do after they have their majority back. Will it be back to business as usual, liberal-like pork spending while ignoring the conservative base, or have they truly learned, and will they make a return journey to the realm of small government, prudent spending of the taxpayers’ hard earned dollars and support of the principles that made America great to begin with? Will they renew the respect by our government for the Constitution, and embrace the will of not only their conservative electorate, but of our nation’s founding fathers?

We, as they say, shall see.

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7 Responses to “First, Second, Third”

  1. BB-Idaho Says:

    That smart grenade sounds neat. Hechler & Koch. I guess we are outsourcing our weapons systems now?

  2. Chuck Says:


    I guess we are outsourcing our weapons systems now?

    We’ve been using H & K products for years. Our covert Ops people have had MP-5 SD series (suppressed, full auto) weapons in their arsenal for over 2 decades now.

  3. The Gray Monk Says:

    You’ll go the same way as the UK on weapons. Our loony lefties hate anyone having weapons, so everyone that makes them has been driven offshore. So now all our weapons systems have to be bought from our “allies”…. At vast cost and not always suitable for our people of course.

    Glad the Pelosi, Obama left swing is now exposed, of course all our lunatic left press, media and politicians hailed them as the saviours of civilisation, but I suspect it was more a case of “at last, they will descend to our level” and the US can be pulled down from inside.

    Good luck

  4. Chuck Says:

    Gray Monk

    The battle against our Second Amendment rights will not be won that easily, and we will have a respite from the left’s legislative attempts to disarm us after the midterm elections this November, when a lot of Democrats are ejected from the House and Senate, to be replaced by Republicans.

    There are also a good many of us whom the government would have to be prepared to kill in order to take away our shootin’ irons, and deep down, I figure, they don’t really want to be put in that position.

    Millions of Americans own firearms, and we will not allow a bunch of leftist politicians to deny us our right to continue owning them.

    Them old boys best not tread on us. :-)

    The only way the U.S. Congress could ever be completely straightened out would be by voters ousting every single senator and representative and replacing them with new folks, all working people with no experience in government service. Limits: One term only, no exceptions.

    In the course of the conversation I referred to in the post, Seth and I agreed that as far as either one of us is concerned, when the Republicans regain their numbers after the next election, if they continue as they did prior to the 2006 midterms, there will never be a Republican vote or campaign contribution again from either of us, as it will indicate that, without any doubt, there is little to choose between the GOP and the Democrats.

    It will, in essence, be time for Hard Astarboard to be retired and for both of us, in our respective ways, to simply kiss off politics altogether and basically drop out of the system altogether.

  5. BB-Idaho Says:

    “to simply kiss off politics altogether and basically drop out of the system altogether.”
    C’mon guys, I’m older than dirt and I need to keep on hearing what you youngsters have to say. :)

  6. Chuck Says:


    This “youngster” is fed up with the way our politicians have transformed what was supposed to be a brief term in Congress into a career path, one whose perks include being able to vote in their own pay raises and shamelessly squander the taxpayer’s hard earned money on super-pork to help colleagues get votes in their respective districts.

    The GOP’s misconduct (ignoring the will of those of us that elected them, wimping out when we needed them to fight the Democrats tooth and nail on Capital Hill and seemingly competing with the Dems to see who could spend the most tax money) prior to the 2006 midterm cost them a majority. Their voting base was sending them a message.

    We won’t know whether or not they got that message loud and clear until they’ve gotten back their former power after November.

    If they squander their return to the majority then, it will be all the evidence I need that they haven’t, or that they simply don’t give a flying #%@& what we want.

    This will mean, in turn, that conservatives no longer have a voice in government, no matter who is in office.

    That, in turn, will be the writing on the wall for America as America was intended, and as America worked so well for 200 years.

    Most of what I will have to say about our government at that juncture will be unprintable in an extreme. :-(

  7. Seth Says:

    Amen to that!

    Between the “elite” wealthy liberals who force federal regulations and legislation that infringe on our most basic rights down our throats and engender selective enforcement issues that “coincidentally” don’t effect them in their fortress-like gated communities, and Republican politicians who have truly forgotten that they work for us and not the other way around, the great United States we middle agers grew up in is rapidly becoming a dream of long ago.

    We’re coming to a point where patriotism and love of country are almost moot, as the people we elect to govern are hell bent on making America into the same kind of third rate country that was once our antithesis.