June 1, 2005

Travesty International

I have added Amnesty International to my site links and aptly described them as an international version of the ACLU, whose site I won’t link to here because it is probably the most miserably bigoted, hate filled and hypocritical organization in America.

While Amnesty International is another org along the same lines, their site keeps us up with some of the rhetoric these asshats are spreading to a vast global audience.

Ever since its inception, Amnesty International has put a great deal of effort into anti-U.S. propaganda. Basically, they have taken the side of our enemies at any given time, whenever an opportunity has arisen to do so.

Currently on their website is yet another of their attacks on Guantanamo Bay and “other” prisoner of war camps. Read The Article.

These people we have in detention are not there for shop lifting, though some of them are associated with others who steal airplanes, then crash them into busy office buildings, murdering thousands of innocent human beings they don’t even know. They are not prisoners because they committed DUI, uttered forged instruments nor perpetrated insider trading.

These people are terrorists, or they are the former thugs of a fallen, oppressive, murderous theocratic regime that supported and harbored those terrorists, a Muslim Ton Ton Macoutre. They are POWs in the Global War On Terror, which is an ongoing military conflict and as such different(military) rules apply. These prisoners’ crimes, other than by association, were not committed on United States soil, and they are not being held on sovereign U.S. soil. Hell, the GITMO bunch are in Cuba! Rest assured, therefore, that considering how prisoners of the same status would be treated in Fidel Castro’s captivity they are living in the lap of luxury.  

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