October 29, 2009

I’m not going to say much here, I’ll just let this speak for itself.

On Tuesday (Oct. 27), Iran-backed Hezbollah based in southern Lebanon fired a Katyusha rocket into Israel. Lebanese and United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) discovered four more rockets close to the launch site, three of which were ready in launching position. The rocket launched on Oct. 27 was the ninth one launched into Israel since its defensive war again Hezbollah in 2006.[1]

Iran is Hezbollah’s primary source for arms, funding and training.[2] It procures advanced anti-tank missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, artillery rockets and other weapons on behalf of Hezbollah and provides the terrorist group with approximately $200 million annually. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has also taken a leading role in training Hezbollah operatives and approximately 3,000 Hezbollah terrorists trained in Iranian military camps.[3]

Ambassador Gabriela Shalev, Israel’s permanent representative to the United Nations, on Oct. 14 delivered remarks to the UN Security Council underscoring the threat of Hezbollah. Her comments came two days after the explosion in Lebanon of a Hezbollah operative’s home, believed to have been serving as an arms storage facility.

“The Hizbullah terrorist organization continues to receive deadly weapons from its sponsors, members of this organization. At the same time, Hizbullah builds a military infrastructure in the midst of the civilian population south of the Litani River. Its operatives and affiliated civilians openly threaten UNIFIL, obstructing it from discharging its mandate,” Shalev said. “Hizbullah’s violations are the greatest obstacle to the implementation of resolution 1701…Southern Lebanon…is occupied by terrorism. Hizbullah terrorism.”

Hezbollah re-armed itself in southern Lebanon after the 2006 war, building bunkers, creating weapons caches and conducting paramilitary exercises south of the Litani River. The terrorist group also stockpiled more than 40,000 artillery rockets. These activities are in clear violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, which called for Hezbollah’s disarmament.[4]

UN Security Council resolution 1701 states:[5]
• That there be no armed groups in Lebanon apart from the Lebanese army. This includes Hezbollah.

• That no arms be supplied to any Lebanese militia or armed group other than the Lebanese army. This is to be enforced by UNIFIL.

• That Hezbollah withdraw all personnel, weapons and other assets from the territory between the Israel-Lebanon border (Blue Line) up to the Litani River.

Timeline: Hezbollah’s Recent Violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701

• Oct. 27-28: A Katyusha rocket is fired from southern Lebanon and lands close to the Israeli city of Kiryat Shmona. The next day, UNIFIL and Lebanese forces go to the site from where the rocket are fired and find four more rockets, three of which were ready to be fired.[6]

• Oct. 12: An explosion occurs at the house of Hezbollah operative Sayid Issa, in the village of Tair Filsay in southern Lebanon. The house served as a weapons cache and the explosion injured several Lebanese civilians as well as the owner of the house. This arm cache was located in a civilian area south of the Litani River, a clear violation of resolution 1701.[7]

• Sept. 11: 122mm rockets are fired from near the town of Qulaylah in southern Lebanon and land in an open field in northern Israel. The organization Ziad al-Jarrah of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades claims responsibility for the attack.[8]

• July 14: An explosion occurs in an abandoned building in Khirbet Silim, a village in southern Lebanon. The size of the explosion indicates that the building was being used as an arms depot. Following the explosion, Hezbollah operatives surrounded the building and refused to let UNIFIL forces enter, while trucks cleared away the remaining weapons and debris. Only after Hezbollah cleared most of the weapons was UNIFIL allowed to enter, and was still able to discover weapons remains.[9]

• April 13: Suspects tied to a Hezbollah cell plotting attacks on Egyptian soil admitted to weapons smuggling across the border to Hamas militants. Several of the suspects smuggled weapons from Lebanese intermediaries to terrorists in the Gaza Strip.[10]

• Feb. 21: A Katyusha rocket is fired from Lebanon landed next to a house in northern Israel, injuring three civilians.[11]

• Jan. 14: Hezbollah uses proxy Palestinian militant groups to launch two Katyusha rockets from southern Lebanon into northern Israel.[12]

In view of the above, only a profound knucklehead or a liar with an anti-Israel politcal agenda could accuse the Israeli Defense Force of being “disproportionate” or using “overkill” when they respond to this type of aggression.

Nuff said.

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  1. Tom Says:

    This has been going on for years. Of course, the UN is positively useless in this matter.

    And they “wonder” why Israel reacts the way they do…

  2. Chuck Says:


    I think that’s partly because the U.N. is as anti-Israel, due to so many anti-Israel or pro-Arab member states that have a “say” in things, so it is easy for them, along with the leftist stooges in the world media, to rationalize idiocy like the “disproportionate” B.S.

    These are analists (spelling as intended) who want to see the terrorism continue, and like spoiled children not getting their way, they protest loudly when Israel fights back.

    To coin a centuries old phrase, “The pox on ‘em!”